Snow, a big no no.

So… tomorrow it will be April, and this fine town I’m in still has snow on the ground, in fact, we had a mini blizzard all morning. This past weekend we had so much snow after leaving Huber’s we had to dig Alyssa’s car out. Here are some cell phone photos of this silly-ness:


Yep, that’s outside Huber’s house. The branches have so much snow they’re actually hanging into the walk way. One word: LAME.

Despite the snow I still see my fair share of “SDFC”s which some of you may remember means “Skanks Don’t Feel Cold”. The following is a perfect example:


I took this today, a day in which we had a mini blizzard. And let me just say, we woke up to it… so who looks outside, notices the snow and then thinks to themselves, “ya know, today would be a perfect day to wear my teal pencil skirt and cowboy boots!” Yuck.

Okay, but enough ranting about the weather… I’ll move onto weird things I noticed this weekend.

1) I will never do this:


This weekend, Alyssa Brittany and I went into Michael’s and saw this hanging on the end of an aisle. Yes that’s a kit to make a mold of your child’s foot and put it on a plaque.

And yes, it’s ridiculously creepy.

Okay I understand, baby feet are probably the cutest thing ever, and you want them to stay that perfect size, but honestly… take a photo. What next? Are you going to make a whole body cast? Yuck again.

2) Pete prepares food.


This one might be hard to see, but in the middle there is a red sticker that states, “Prepared for you be PETE”. Oh thanks Pete! Honestly, why does this matter? If I hate the quality of the food am I going to come back to the store and hunt down Pete? No.

3) Four is better than 1.


…When its comes to bike baskets that is…

Anyway, that’s all I have for you. This weekend is Mom’s Weekend. Sister and mom are coming over on Friday. I absolutely can’t wait, and I’m sure I’ll have some photos to post. 🙂


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