Reason #1 to not do choir:

The hideous choir concert gowns.

I mean really. Are they necessary?

Tonight Alyssa and I attended a choir concert on campus for our Music 153 course. And let me just say, the whole time I was competely distracted by the concert gowns. I know this seems ridiculous. But no other piece of clothing has the magical abilities to make the skinniest, prettiest girl look like a shapeless cow. I swear, girls who have no extra fat whatsoever looked as though they had mountainous hills in the waist area.

And the way the try to “class” up the dresses. Adding sequins and velvet on top. It just won’t work. I don’t understand who came up with the idea to have these dresses be the standard for choir. Maybe I should wiki it? Hmmm well here are some examples of what I’m talking about just in case you were wondering:



One word: YUCK. Even these pretty girls can’t pull it off!

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