Mother nature = big time loser.

So last night when I arrived back in Pullman I noticed a bit of snow on the ground, nothing to dampen my mood. It would be gone by morning I told myself. THEN of course not! We have a good 4 inches now, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping. What makes it even better is it’s solid ice under the fresh powder. Therefore, at least q3294032840 people on the WSU campus fell today. I witnessed a few of them and laughed because I’m mean, and as karma would have it, I slipped all over the place. I didn’t exactly fall though– knock on wood.

I also felt like I was burning my retinas everytime I decided to go outside. You see, not only was it sunny but white EVERYWHERE. The snow was almost flawless, therefore it was blinding. I literally walked in doors and felt like a blind man for a few moments while my eyes readjusted and I attempted going down stairs.

Weather like this makes me nervous… I fall all the time anyways, I don’t need snow to help me out.

On a different note:

It’s midterms… yay… NOT.

I hate exams… they’re so weak sauce. On the up side, we got a new professor for Bio, and he’s bomb. It’s funny because all I knew was his name, which is Raymond Lee. And I immediately figured he’d be an old man with gray hair, and a great disposition. Then today I go in and find in front of me a young tiny asian man. And I’m in love (no not in that way-sillies). He’s hilarious! No one has ever made me want to learn about Bio more. He also doesn’t believe in the book, so he doesn’t teach from it and doesn’t expect us to read it. I’m hoping these next two tests are a lot easier because of this, but knowing me and my track record with sciences… I’ll probably have no such luck.

I also found out I’ll be working over spring break today. That’s exciting, I’ll get to see all my PUD people… and have something to do… and make money.

Lets see what else?? I have the hiccups right now. I hate trying to get rid of them. I always have this fear that I’ll be that person in the Guinness book of world records who has the hiccups for like 53254324 years of their life. I don’t want to be that person. 😦

I also found this store on someone else’s blog that my sister showed me. (Isn’t it great how I can link now? I’m going to do it all over the place…lets see what else I can manage to link in this post.)

Okay, never mind.

This post is random.

And I’m wrapping it up.



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