5 things I need/desperately want right now:


I gave up chocolate for Lent. The reason being, I’m addicted. Literally, it’s actually quite sad. Even Alyssa didn’t think I could do it. So here I am proving to the world I can go 40 days without my cocaine. It’s been hard, especially since “girl time” is around the corner. 😦 AND cadbury eggs are only out for a limited time. They’re my absolute favs. I feel like I’m missing out so much! But I know I can’t buy them and stock up, the temptation would be far too hard. The picture below just shows their gloriousness though!


2) A vacation.

Good thing spring break is just around the corner, but I desperately want to be somewhere tropical. Alyssa is going to Hawaii in July for her brother’s wedding, and I couldn’t be more green with envy.


Doesn’t this hammock look amazingly delicious right now? I want to sleep in it. Now. Please.

3) A massage.

My back has been KILLING me lately. I think it’s from all the hours I’ve spent at the computer lately. I had many papers to do this weekend, and even a play to write. Um news the universe- I’ll NEVER be a playwright. Okay thanks.

(Posting a picture of thise would just make me mad, I won’t do that to myself.)

4) This Marc by Marc Jacobs ring:


I think it could make me very happy, and I would treat it with the respect it deserves. Plus for 17 bones I can own a piece of Marc? Heck yes!

5) New music suggestions. I’m looking for something peppy but able to zone out to for study time. Any ideas guys?


4 thoughts on “5 things I need/desperately want right now:

  1. Jennifer says:

    wait, what!? marc jacobs has a line that has a ring that is only $17? Where have i been!?!? also, i hear you on those glorious eggs. Although, surprise surprise – i didn’t really crave chocolate this time…. hmmm.

    • Kimberly says:

      YES! I know, and isn’t it just adorable? It’s because it’s Marc by Marc Jacobs which is less then just standard Marc Jacobs… I guess… haha

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