Twenty-five fascinating tid-bits.

I did this on facebook the other day. I gave into a meme, only because I’d been tagged by roughly 213432432 friends. Anyway, basically you tell 25 random facts about yourself and then tag 25 people. So if any of you bloggy friends decide to take part, it could be a party. 🙂

Here are mine:

1. I’m left handed. Which is fun for the most part, except when you have a course in a lecture hall with seat desks the size of a DVD case. Then it becomes ridiculous.

2. I like to paint. I didn’t realize this until last spring when I met my friend Rose. She painted really morbid photos of old women vomiting and I painted swirls all while we listened to Rilo Kiley on my ihome. Good times.

3. When I was little I named everything (dolls, barbies, etc.) Crystal Rose.

4. I spend far too much money, far too often. Oops!

5. I LOVE cottage cheese. Especially cottage cheese with fruit. I have yet to find someone else who likes it as much as I do. Usually I get the, “why would you ever eat that?” lecture. It’s my preference, okay people? 🙂

6. I love driving, usually I take the longest possible route home just to listen to an extra song in the ‘Bu.

7. I have a pretty sweet collection of high heels. Mostly red/rust toned pairs.

8. I really like ABBA. Genuinely.

9. Whenever I go to check my email I always accidently type “” and then giggle a little to myself.

10. I read craigslist missed connections as a hobby.

11. I really like to fly. And going to the airport is usually the most exciting part of the vacation for me.

12. I used to paint my nails almost nightly. I’ve limited myself to weekly in the past year.

13. I went to Laguna Beach while on my senior trip with Jessica and my sister because we had a minor obsession with the tv show. But then once there, began to feel silly and really disappointed. It honestly ruined the show for me a little. Ask me about it if you’re really that curious. 🙂

14. I have a blog I frequently update and feel like a geek when the sentence, “I wrote about that on my blog!” comes into conversation. (You all know this one, haha.)

15. I really like going to Starbucks on Tuesdays just to get the free download. I like that it’s free, and usually it’s really good music too! Bonus!

16. My family is really close, meaning family dinner nights on Wednesday and shopping with the mom and sister on Saturday.

17. I text all day long, and have been known to be called, “speedy hands beeby”.

18. I love snail mail. Then again, who doesn’t?!

19. I’m listening to Aqua right now. “Lollipop” youtube it, now.

20. I drink a lot of water. Or at least in my opinion, I’m sure there’s someone who drinks more than me per day. But I generally try to chug at least 4 water bottles a day.

21. I really like road trips. Driving 6 hours home doesn’t bother me too much. Especially since I’m always with friends and we usually rock out the whole time or have stimulating conversations like “would you rather have herpes or chlamydia if you had to have an STD?”

22. Going to the movies is one of my favorite things to do… ever.

23. I love Degrassi. My sister got me season six on DVD for Christmas. Thanks Jenni! 🙂

24. Magazines are an addiction for me. Everytime I go to the grocery store I want to buy one. They’re so glossy… pretty… colorful… and full of amazing tips/gossip. (Tristan got me a year subcription to Cosmo for valentines day. What a guy!)

25. I had to end this with, I have a boyfriend. For those of you who don’t know, his name is Tristan, and he’s a dreamboat.


4 thoughts on “Twenty-five fascinating tid-bits.

    • Kimberly says:

      I do agree with you for the most part. I am a huge fan of texting, aside from the fact you can’t tell emotion or tone through text. A lot of unnecessary fights have occured over misunderstandings through text… which is no fun.

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