Five. Funf. Cinq.

Top 5 things on my mind as of late:

1) This song: “Unsquare dance” by Dave Brubeck. I love it. I can’t stop listening to it. And I’m not sure why.

2) These gorgeous shoes. Now if only I had an extra $790 laying around.


3) Ice. I fell twice today. But I’m convinced it was karma. You see I was laughing at a girl’s choice of attire (white furry boots (shown below), a white furry russian-esque hat, and white bomber coat) and immediately after I slipped and fell… got up and fell right away again. And I have the bruises to prove it!


4) The fred flare boombox. I love it. Everyone stop what you’re doing and go to and on the bottom right click on the boombox and rock out!


5) And last but certainly not least. Bonnie Hunt. This one probably seems odd. But today while busting a move at the gym I caught the last half of her talk show. And she’s a funny lady! Maybe I’ll start tuning in more often?



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