Lou= BIG female dog. Yeah I said it.

Today was the big day. The day in which Alyssa and I went to collect our monz from Lou, the big witch with a b. I decide to text her around 1 to tell her we’ll come meet her soon. Mind you, she refuses to meet us ON the mall, and makes US come to HER, which might I say is COMPLETELY out of the way. (Ho bag thing to do number 2!) So I text her and say,

Me: “Alyssa gets out of class at 1:15 then we’re heading down”
What I should have said, “Hey turd face, Alyssa is almost out of class, we’ll come WAY out of the way to meet up with you to get the money you OWE Alyssa.”

She says: “Fine.”

Okay seriously, nothing is more offending to me then one word answers through text with a period. Such as “k.” or “fine.”

So promptly at 1:15 Alyssa, my friend Brit and I head down WAY out of the way to meet her. We walk into the random small library she’s in and see her sitting “concentrating” on her work. I say “hey” and she doesn’t respond.

Then she looks at Alyssa and says, “How much am I making this out for?” (in a really big female dog voice).

Alyssa says, “Well it was $75 for me to buy everything.”
What Alyssa should have said, “You owe me $75 bones loser, for the things YOU lost/stole.”

Lou says, “If this stuff turns up can I get my money back?”

Alyssa: “Yeah, I’d have to return everything that I’m replacing with it though.”

Then Lou rips the check from her small crappy wallet and flings her wrist at Alyssa gripping the check very tightly. Then Alyssa politely says “thanks” and we peace out. Mind you, she OFFERED to replace the things, we weren’t making her by any means replace what she lost of Alyssa’s. And if she wouldn’t have moved it out of her car, or even asked if it belonged to us then this whole situation could have been avoided.

Then we start heading to Daggy (random WSU building) and while we’re in there I get the following text,

Lou: “You can tell Alyssa that I’m not responsible for any of her stuff, I don’t think this is fair, and I have to work hard for my money. She wouldn’t have gotten any of her stuff back if she would have lost it elsewhere like on campus or on a plane. If I find it I’m getting my money back.”

(First of all, she couldn’t say any of this to our face? Like honestly, really mature, text me your issues!)

Me: “Well you’re being kind of sketchy. It’s hard for us to believe your roommate threw it away. She said she’d pay you back if you did find it. And she works hard for her money too, which she spent on those gifts YOU said YOU had in YOUR closet.”

Lou: “And don’t expect me to give Alyssa anymore rides, I don’t want to be responsible for anymore lost items.”

“Do you seriously think I would find this random bag, and go through it. And stake what was inside? Does that sound like me?”

What I should have said, “Yeah. You’re a liar. That’s what liar’s do.”
What I actually said, “But why would it be thrown away? It was a wrapped present.’
Lou: “It’s Chelsea (her roommate) she does a lot of stupid things. She threw away all of our bills and wondered why the cable shut off.”

Me: “I’m sorry I understand that sucks. But maybe she should pay you (her roommate) and why would she grab things from your closet in the first place?”

Lou: “It was in our pantry closet in the hallway. She moves things to make room for food. (Which I need to say it was a really small bag) Listen, all I’m saying is I shouldn’t have to pay for something Alyssa lost.”

Me: (Becoming enraged) “It wouldn’t have been lost if you wouldn’t have moved it out of YOUR car. And she didn’t lose it, she FORGOT it in your car. You can’t honestly compare your car to a public place like an airport.”

Lou: “Regardless of it was in my car (IT WAS! She text Alyssa and told her so, so if it ever wasn’t then she lied!) But I can’t be held responsible for something that gets lost. I’m not a babysitter for peoples stuff. And I had no idea whose it was. More people than you two ride in my car.”

(By the way, this is ALL through text. This is word for word. I’m not making this shiz up.)

Me: “If this is really bothersome to you, Alyssa’s dad can take this up with Dave (her guardian) and we can give you your check back.”

Lou: “Why would I bring this up with Dave? I’m not going to involve people who don’t have time to deal with stupid stuff like this. It’s only bothersome because it somehow became my fault it was lost.”

(It wouldn’t have been her fault if she wouldn’t have moved the bag, and maybe would have notified all her recent ride-ees there was an unidentified Christmas present in her car.)

Me: “But we had ridden in it most recent. And you had to have seen it, you even told Alyssa yourself it was in your trunk.”

Lou: “Yeah after how long? And she asked where it was, and I thought it was still in my trunk where I had last seen it. I put it back in my trunk with hopes someone would claim it. And the day after I got home I was in Tumwater picking girls up for dance.” (She lives in the past and still helps out with her high school dance team every time she goes home.)

Me: “It’s just the mature thing to do Lou. Whether you think we’re in the wrong or not.”
(Even if I didn’t agree with someone wanting me to pay them for there things, I would if they forgot them in my car and I somehow lost them.)
And then I added, “Wouldn’t you expect to get your belongings back if you left them in my car?”

Lou: “Yes, but if you had said, ‘I’m sorry I don’t know where they are I will continue to look for them, I’m sorry for the misunderstanding, I will look for it.’ I would take responsibilities for my actions and accept the consequences.”
(Umm I don’t really get what she means by this. Why should WE apologize for forgetting something in her car, when she told us it was there, why would we “continue to look for it”?)

Me: “I’m sorry you don’t think it’s fair. But there’s not much else we can say. Obviously we don’t feel the same as you. And you’re not going to change our minds.”

Lou: “That’s fine, you already have the check. Problem solved. I wish you would just be more understanding, but that’s not going to happen. Oh well life goes on and people are meant disagree sometimes.”

Me: “I agree with you there, and I’m trying to be understanding. But I can’t take the verbal abuse from you. I’m going to stand up for myself obviously. Things would have been a lot different if you wouldn’t have said you knew where the stuff was and then all the sudden didn’t know.”

Lou: “To be clear, I said I’m pretty sure I have it in my car. I’m letting it go, I’m still pissed I had to pay. But I did. Obviously she values money more than me. And I’m sorry you’re feeling abused.”

Me: “Haha, really? You’re the one that offered to replace it! And the one making a BIG deal out of the money and having to pay!”

Lou: “Because after saying I didn’t know where it was, I wasn’t being left alone about it, so I tried to solve the problem. It’s over and done. Alyssa got what she wanted and I did what I could please drop it.”

By the way I didn’t bug her about this. We asked her over break and she said to ask her when we got back because it was in Pullman. So we did. And she wasn’t in Pullman when we asked her, so we asked her when she got back. And each time I text her asking I included “J” I didn’t just say, “yo, give us our goods.” I don’t understand what she expected. Alyssa just to forget that she had a wrapped Christmas present for her mother that she had spent 55 bones on, along with some pricey hairspray? Um no. She would do the same, and she can’t say she wouldn’t. So there you have it. A friendship ruined (if you can even call it a friendship) and she’s a royal whore bitch. I’m sorry there’s no alternative. I’m too fired up right now.

And now we’re off to cash the check. Cha-Ching.


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