Am I wrong?

Okay so this story requires some background, and it kind of ridiculous in a 9th grade dramz sort of way. But it’s late and I’m feeling the need, then need for ranting that is.

This story begins before Thanksgiving this year. My friend Alyssa and I (seen pictured often on this blog) got a lift home from one of my friends. We’ll call her Lou for the sake of bad mouthing. The ride was torturous… mainly because this girl drives me insane. Last year it seems as though I was more mild or mellow because this year I just can’t stand this girl. She’s a know it all and always has to be right about everything. You can talk to her about something that you enjoy and know about quite a bit and somehow she knows more about it. About everything. She’s one of those. Anyways… after 6 hours of listening to her tell us how to live life we finally arrive home ready for a fantastic break. We grab all of our things (or so we thought) and peace out.

Fast forward to Christmas Eve. I get a text from Alyssa asking me if she can get Lou’s number to ask her if she left one of her bags including a gift for her mother and some expensive hairspray in Lou’s car. I say sure, give over the digits and resume mowing down sugar cookies or whatever it was I was doing on Christmas Eve. That night much later I get a text from Alyssa saying Lou left the bag in her closet back in P-town. This seems illogical. Mainly because it was a shopping bag such as from Macy’s with a wrapped gift in it. Clearly visible. Why would you take it out and leave it in Pullman over the break in which people usually give gifts to one another? Secondly, and more importantly in my opinion, why didn’t Lou call either myself or Alyssa to ask if we had left a bag in her car? She had let it sit in her closet for what, a month? Is that normal?

So then we get back from Christmas break and Alyssa wants her stuff, obvi. So I text Lou and ask her if we can stop by to get her stuff and she says, “Oh I’m on the west side right now, and even if I were in Pullman, I’m not exactly sure where the bag is.” Ummm what happened to it being on your closet floor?

We wait until this week and I text her for Alyssa yet again saying:

Me: “Hey J Can Alyssa and I meet up with you sometime this week or weekend to get her bag?”

Lou: “I have looked for it and I think my roommate threw it away! Tell Alyssa I will try to replace what was there, cause I don’t know what it was or where it is, sorry.”

(Ummm okay, if what she is saying is true, I must question her roommates sanity. To enter Lou’s room and take a bag from her closet in which the contents of a wrapped gift and full can of hairspray are. Why would anyone does this? Once again, it just does not add up.)

Me: “Oh wow. Well it was a $55 vase for her mom from Wild Ivy and $20 hairspray.”

Lou: “Okay, I’ll write her a check and meet her on campus. I wish she would have gotten the bag when I knew where it was. You/she waited almost 2 months to ask about it.”

(What?! I think translated this really says I wish you would have asked for it before I started using the hairspray and gave the vase to my mom for Christmas.)

Me: “You didn’t tell us you had it? She didn’t realize it was missing until she wanted to give her mom the vase for Christmas.”

Lou: “It’s fine, I didn’t know who it belonged to. A lot of people use my car. I will have the check for $75 tomorrow. I’m on campus from 9 am to 1:30 am Friday.”

Okay seriously, now you judge, am I wrong to be annoyed with this girl? Like seriously, that last statement she says “it’s fine” like we were apologizing. If someone left something in my car I would totally let them know. Especially if it was obviously a gift. Like fo realz, grow up.

So tomorrow like ganstas, or drug dealers Alyssa and I will be meeting up with her to get our monz.


5 thoughts on “Am I wrong?

  1. thebluecan says:

    Heh. Couldn’t wait to read it. Now I hate this girl. I’m sure she saw the bag in the car immediately and knew exactly who it belonged to.

    You need to flood her email with false URLs to Rick Roll her.

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