Um… Hi, I guess we’re related?

So my mother coerced me into calling my long lost second cousin from U of I which is 8 miles from WSU. I kind of laughed it off… until she emailed me his name/phone number. Then I realized she was serious. How awkward?! Tonight she called me and told me I needed to call him asap. Uh, okay.

So finally I decided so what if he thinks I’m a freak? We’re only second cousins, I don’t even ever have to see him, or know who he is. So I called and after a few awkward hello exchanges we got to talking. He was really interesting and seemed nice enough, so we decided to meet up next week. I’ll let you all know how that goes.

On to other news…

I just bought me one of these babies:


And I’m one satisfied person, what more could a girl want? !

Ps. My ipod will be playing WAY cooler things like ABBA and Air Supply, not Nelly Furtado, don’t these people have taste?!

6 thoughts on “Um… Hi, I guess we’re related?

  1. thebluecan says:

    Air Supply. Abba. Of course. 🙂

    Re: the second cousin

    I don’t really talk to my first cousins. And not just because I moved from MN to CA, but as soon as I went to college, communications between me and all cousins ceased.

  2. thebluecan says:

    To be honest, most of my first cousins lived in the woods of Minnesota. I take that back – they all did. Some even went so far as to feel the need to leave the Arctic Cat in the front yard year-round.

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