Welcome to the good life.

Last night Alyssa’s cousin Courtney came to visit for the 3 day weekend. Woo hoo! So we were trying to decide on a nightly activity yesterday around 2:00. We pondered everything from Salt Lake City to Montana. (Yes we’re dreamers). Then I decided to text my sister and ask her what was in Coeur d’Alene. I’ve never been, but I knew there were resorts there and maybe some other sorts of fun. Jenni text back and told me there was an 18+ casino there where she had gone and seen the Chippendales. Obviouslywe had to go! So begins the hour long journey to the grand Coeur d’Alene casino. On the way we discuss how we’ll probably be the youngest ones there, it will probably be a bunch of 60+ men and women playing keno in a tiny building. But much to our surprise, when we arrive it’s HUGE. Like I’m talking shuttle service from the parking lot. And of course, being it’s Friday, the lot is packed.Right then we instantly become self concious. None of us have ever gambled. We’ve seen in on “Vegas Vacation”, but how do you actually gamble?!

We head into the casino and right when we walk in heads turn. I felt like a celebrity or something. It was ridiculous. Now this is where I bag on Idaho (close your ears eyes if you’re offended). We came to the conclusion that the only reason everyone kept staring at us was because we were dressed nicely. Almost everyone there was in sweats, crew neck sweatshirts and had a cig hanging from their mouth. HOT. We were in normal clothes… with heels. But nothing too dressy, nothing to warrant stares everywhere we went!

Anyway, we head the ATM and take out 20 dollars, then go to the cashier and ask him how to work the machines, whether or not we need tokens or something, he looks at us like we’re the most ignorant people he’s ever met. Um sorry dude, we’re not avid gamblers! Eventually we begin gambling, and let me just say, it was fun, but really confusing to understand. I mean I don’t want to be rude, but I’m a college student, and I’d say pretty intelligent and I was having problems figuring out these slot machines while the truck drivers around me were cashing in!

Then my luck began to change! I went to a “I dream of Jeannie” slot machine, which made really sexual noises by the way. “Yes master, Yes master, YES YES master”. Not to mention the volume of the machine was up way past where it should have been, I was slightly embarrassed.

We stay a bit longer, about 1.5 hours to be exact then become very hungry and decide to go find a restaurant to eat at. Then we see a sign that says “Spokane 34 miles” so we figure why the heck not?! Eventually we get to Spokane and find a Red Robin.

We get there and people keep staring at Courtney. Then they start pointing and Courtney. It was weird. Then Courtney leaves to go to the restroom and our waiter comes over and asks, “whats her name?” we tell him Courtney and he’s like, “oh okay, she looks exactly like this girl that used to work here!” So that explains it!

Anyway, for the duration of the rest of our time there, we get the giggles. I’m pretty sure our waiter thought we were freaks, or drunk at the very least.

Eventually the bill comes and we decide to be classy and pay in our crisp ones that we got from the casino (I swear they iron those things!) He comes back over to get the bill and says, “where do you girls work?” We tell him about our casino experiences. Then as we leave we see the usual Red Robin balloons and ask for one, the women at the front gives them all to us and say they pop them at the end of the night so we should just take them. So what do we do? Suck the helium in the parking lot of course!

Eventually we head back to Pullman, and all become very tired around 1 a.m. in the heavy heavy fog. But here are some photos from the fantastic night:


At the penny machines. Courtney, Alyssa, Me.



Please ignore my boogers. Thank you.



12 thoughts on “Welcome to the good life.

  1. cmajor7 says:

    Uh… not to be crude, but… did you pick up the intent behind the Red Robin guy’s question? Three beautiful girls come in and pay all in ones? And he asks you where you work?

  2. Jennifer says:

    ah, memories! sounds like a great friday night – something ash and I would do. Hurray for 18+ casinos… but too bad the thunder from down under weren’t there… what a shame!

  3. thebluecan says:

    You need to start playing tables 🙂 Better odds!

    That said.. I’m headin’ to Vegas in a couple of months myself.

    • Kimberly says:

      vegas! how fun! about the tables, I couldn’t even figure out the slots I wasn’t about to move onto something where I would embarrass myself all over the place! 🙂

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