Tonight, I celebrate my love for you.



Dear faux Marc Jacobs stam bag,


You’re beautiful, and I’ll just say it… I love you.  You fit perfectly on the shoulder and yet perfectly in the elbow pit. (You know, the area between the forearm and bicep). You’re soft to the touch and melt perfectly into a slouch style- yet with the perfect amount of structure. You look chic, while maintaining the comfort of an old sweatshirt.


You are the perfect size. Don’t let anyone tell you you’re too big dear faux Marc Jacobs stam bag! Especially my mother, she’ll never understand our relationship, or the chain attached to you. But it doesn’t matter because I love you, and they’re all haters.


You fit all of my belongings perfectly and have many compartments for me to store my other beloved lip glosses. But don’t worry dear faux bag, they’ll never complete me the way you do.


I know some may say you’re just a knock off, a “poor (wo)man’s stam bag”. But to me my love, you are the real thing. Always and forever.


I love the way you can mold into any situation perfectly. I can dress you up or down and you always look great with whatever I choose to wear. You are the universal bag and I don’t think I’ll ever find another like you.


We’ve had our rough times but you’ve stood by me, even when one of your straps was breaking. I glued you (yes I’m that classy) back together and we’ve had no problems since.


Oh how I love you, never leave me.



Your owner,



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