My kind of fun…

Soooo yesterday I traveled back to the west side to spend Christmas with my family. Simple right? NO. Let me rewind and fill you in.

Originally we were riding home with my friend Jessica in her tiny VW Bug and we were excited! Then… it dumped a lot of snow and we got nervous… then it dumped a lot more snow and we got really nervous… so nervous we decided to look up plane tickets. 

So eventually we find some tickets and I call my friend Mike to make sure we have a ride to Spokane. (Which is roughly 1.5 hrs from Pullman). He agrees to it (mainly because I bribe him and use my charm). Then I inform my mom and she agrees to purchase the tickets for myself and my friend Alyssa. Woo hoo! We’re going to take an hour flight and be home right? Wrong! 

So later I was at dinner with Alyssa and I feel my phone vibrate… I pull it out and see  “Mike” on the caller ID. GREAT… I know before I even answer what he’s going to say.

Mike: “Hey girl… soo…. it’s really snowing… I’m getting kind of nervous.”

Me: “Yeah?”

Mike: “Yeah… I mean… I drive a 2 wheel truck…”

Me: “Yeah…. can I call you back?”

(This is where I have a mini melt down. I was so stressed I couldn’t eat, so we threw our food out and went back to my room to call Mike. At this point Alyssa is livid and decides I need to yell at him. So I call him back…

Me: “So you don’t want to take us now?”

Mike: “Well.. I’m looking up Wheatland Express tickets for you now (bus system to Spokane).”

Me: “We can’t do that… it’s 6.. the bus place is closed, and there is no way to purchase tickets!”

(This next comment he’s about to say threw me over the edge)

Mike: (In a condescending tone) “Well.. I don’t know what to tell you…”

Then I proceed to yell at him and tell him he should have never agreed to take us if he was unsure! We only bought the tickets after he said, “totally dude!”. I was LIVID. And having a mini melt down. We had a plane to catch! 

So basically Mike finds us a ride with this random guy named Nick who has a final at 3 p.m. but said he could probably make it back in time and agreed to take us. I felt guilty about this… I mean this random guy was going out of his way to drive us 2 hrs away so we can catch our flight… when he really should be preparing for his final that day. Ugh the stress!

That night I barely slept… just knowing we hadn’t really solved anything… something bad was right around the corner.

Then it came… the next morning my friend Kayla (knowing I was supposed to be flying out that day) texts me and says, “you know the HWY to Spokane is closed right now right?”. I nearly threw up when I read those words, I couldn’t believe my week could get any worse. 

So immediately I call my first ride, Jessica, and ask her where she is. She’s in Colfax… which is roughly 30 minutes away… without snow. She agrees to wait for us if this Nick guy can give us a lift to meet her. We agree. Then I call my mom. She tells us she’ll call Alaska and try and get us out of our tickets but we need to make sure Spokane HWY is closed FOR SURE. So we stop by the visitor center and no one there knows… we call 511 and it doesn’t say… I felt completely out of options and even worse we have Jessica waiting for us… and if it turned out to be a lie she would have been waiting for no reason. So after 30 minutes of traveling towards Colfax and stressing out my mom finally calls me back and tells me she got us out of the tickets and to go ahead and ride with Jessica. I have never felt so relieved. 

Eventually we get to Colfax and we start our journey in the tiny car. 

11 hours later… we get to Olympia. (Keep in mind Pullman to Olympia is only 5 hours) yeah… the weather was THAT bad. 

Then we get stuck in complete stand still traffic in Olympia. At 9:30 p.m. I couldn’t believe it. And even worse… I was starving. Alyssa’s mother bought us some hot dogs and costco around 7 and once we were finally able to meet up with her in Olympia, I ate the hot dog so fast I didn’t even taste it. 

Overall, the trip had it’s ups and downs. There were some really funny times in stop and go traffic where we made friends… we named them. There was Mustang Man, Duck, and Old guy. I’m just happy to be safely home at this point. And I never want to get in a car again. For now. Oh… I also think I aged myself 5 years this week merely from the stress… and my mom too for that matter she was with me every step of the way! I love her. 🙂

Merry Christmas everyone!


4 thoughts on “My kind of fun…

  1. emilie18 says:

    Yikes that’s a crazy trip!
    I’m glad you made it home ok though.
    It took me about two hours to get to my dentist in Lacey on Thursday, but your trip was waay more frightening/hectic. I hope I’ll get to see you.

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