“Poor Girl!”

Okay when I tell you this story I KNOW I’m going to get ‘”oh my gosh! you’re so mean!”s’  but really… just hear me out! I’m not really that mean.

I am taking or I guess rather I took (since the semester is practically over) ASL. I love sign language… not really specifically the language… but the class. It was so much fun! I pretty much went to socialize. I loved my professor, I loved the people in my class, and it was relatively easy. All the makings of a perfect class!

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but for those of you who don’t know… my ASL professor has only been to our actual physical classroom maybe 3 times.  She is actually located in Spokane and we watch her a tv which is real time. So basically, we can talk to her and she can respond instantly. Yes we’re so high tech here at WSU!

Anyway, my professor teaches 3 sections of ASL and she has made it very clear we can attend any section we want as long as we are attending class. We’re not constrained to the time we were put in. Which is great… except some people take advantage of this- when the rest of us don’t want them there.

There is this girl who is NOT in my section, but refuses to attend her own and always comes to mine. Now I think this girl may be bisexual, or homosexual… it doesn’t really matter except I think she’s hit on me. And that creeps me out. Regardless of all this, she is SO annoying. Literally, I’ve never been so irritated by a classmate. She’s one of those people who asks far too many questions. I’ll give you an example of this:

Professor: So today we won’t be doing a story like usual.

Girl: (Raises hand) Wait… we won’t be doing a story?

Professor: Yes, that’s right.

Girl: What does that mean exactly?

Professor: …We won’t be doing a story…

Girl: Will we have to do the story later?

Professor: No.. we won’t be doing the story.

Girl: So we’re not doing the story?

I’m not kidding! This has actually happened! Shoot me in the eye! And I’m not the only one that feels this way. One time there was this occurrence where the tv cut out and we couldn’t hear what our professor was saying. So the girl left the room to walk to the control center across the hall and let them know what happened. Immediately after she left Tweek this guy that sits in the back says, “Finally she’s gone!” and everyone starts laughing (because we all feel that way).

So fast forward to last Thursday. It was the day for our written final. Everyone was nervous but ready to get it done. All of the quizzes/tests are the same. We have one every Thursday, ever since the semester began and it’s always the same. It’s broken down into sections. The first is vocabulary, the second is a story with questions, and the last is short answer questions. We have two test forms, A and B, like most professors, she likes to prevent cheating by creating two separate tests. There are usually around 30 vocabulary in the first section. Therefore, the professor will do 1-10 for A then 1-10 for B and the whole quiz goes on like this. So basically, you need to pay attention and make sure you’re not missing the vocab for your quiz form.

So we get to a certain point and the professor says:

Professor: Okay we are now on 51 for quiz A.

Girl: Wait… did you do 48?

Professor: Yes we are number 51.

Girl: What!? I missed them!! Can you repeat numbers 48, 49, and 50?

Professor: I’m sorry, but I can’t repeat anything.

Girl: But… huh… ugh… FINE! (Slams pencil down. Throws her stuff in her back pack, begins crying, throws her exam at the TA and slams the door to the class room. Then… loud foot steps… stomping down the hall and BANG! Slams the front door of the entire building).

For a second everyone is speechless then we ALL simultaneously start busting up laughing. I couldn’t help it…. and I wasn’t the only one.

Let me just point out. This exam was out of 70! 70 points! And this girl missed 3 questions and had a tissy fit. They were each worth one point… you do the math.

Basically this was one of the funniest/sadest/weirdest moments of this semester. I thought I’d share. Please don’t think bad of my laughing at someone while they’re “down”. All I have to say is… you haven’t met her!


7 thoughts on ““Poor Girl!”

  1. Necessitas says:

    “You haven’t met them,” is actually a good excuse to why someone shouldn’t call you mean. I considered calling you mean until you actually said that at the end. (Because you mentioned the whole you think she’s bisexual or something and it freaks you out when she hits on you.)

    ‘Cause I tell people I hate my sister, they tell me to just give her a chance because she’s my sister, but what they don’t understand is that they DON’T HAVE TO DEAL WITH HER.

    I, however, do have to. And I’ve given hundreds of chances that she’s ruined. I’ve tried to give her chances because she is/was my sister, but how much can a girl take?

  2. carpcatcher says:

    Poor girl? Your right, it’s not right to make fun of spazzy people….but it sure is fun! It’s a credit to your humanity that you didn’t think of this but it is sooo much fun to add an additional level of confusion to the already confused. Suggestions, when the girl spazzed about the story, you might have told her it was anounced on x day. Make the day when there wasn’t a class. Make them think there was a class and they missed it. Perhaps if you told them the class was going to review the paper(imaginary of course) and then watch for signs of a stroke?
    Just playing. Congrats on the class and thanks for the fun post.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Necessitas: I’m sorry if my comment about her being possibly bi/homosexual offended you. I didn’t mean it in a negative away, aside from the fact she was hitting on me. Even if it were a male hitting on me, if it’s not reciprocated.. it’s creepy! And I’m sorry to hear about you and your sister!

    Carpcatcher: haha, I don’t know if I’m capable of such a mean prank! Maybe to someone I actually know.. but to a total stranger… that’s a whole new level of mean-ness. 🙂 congrats to you! haha jk.

  4. emilie18 says:

    Am dying a bit inside from laughter.

    There was a girl oh so similar to this in Guys and Dolls with me.

    She was like 15 and somehow managed to sneak into running start, and she should not have been. I don’t think she was mentally retarded…but then again it was really hard to tell. She would bring plastic baggies of cabbage to rehearsal and nibble on it like a rabbit.

    She showed up to a dress rehearsal with no part of her costume.
    “Wait, this is a dress rehearsal?”
    “So, what. We need our costumes?”
    “You mean we need our nylons and makeup?”
    “And everything?”
    “Wait–so you mean-”
    “We need EVERYTHING. EVERY PART of your costume. We’ve known this for week.s”
    “Oh. Well I don’t don’t have anything.”

    And she would always to about random things to nobody. Finally people just started being really mean to her and she never caught on. She was oblivious. Finally one day when she was monologue-ing back stage a brave cast member said, “Who are you talking to? Because nobody is listening to you.” She paused for a moment, took a deep breath, and then KEPT GOING.

  5. Jennifer says:

    KIMBERLY! Why have I not heard of this until now. Trevor and I are loving this story… too funny! I can’t believe she just threw away her exam like that… weird.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Em: You SO know what I’m talking about. People like this make me want to skip… or maybe it’s just going to class I don’t like.. haha jk! 🙂

    Jenni: Haha! I thought I told you! That’s so funny! I thought I had told everyone! Yes… it was a good story! 🙂 It took me a while to post though.. i’ve been meaning to do it since it happened!

    Julia: That is a really good question. 🙂

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