Over the years…

Today I was looking through my old pictures from high school- taking a trip down memory lane… I know, I know… it was only two years ago! But hey! A LOT has changed over the years and I thought I’d share some of my favorites.


This is Alyssa and I circa: her freshman year- my sophomore. I remember we would always do photoshoots with her mom, Liz. We would spend hours “getting pretty” and then go around Alyssa’s property with Liz taking random photos. This was one of my favorites from that era. Not much has changed photoshoot wise, except Alyssa and I are no longer cheerleaders… and we take our own pictures instead of Liz.


Alyssa and I again… notice: same pose! I think this was taken a year after the first. The date on the photo is wrong, ignore that.. haha. We were on our way to the Tolo dance, and I was on court that year.


This picture is from one of the best church retreats of my life. Cindy (friend on the right) will shoot me for posting this picture because she absolutely hates it. But I love it because every time I see it and laugh about all we did that retreat. This picture was taken in the midst of playing “hand and foot” for the 100th time.


This is my absolute favorite picture from graduation. I don’t even know who took it, I just remember stealing it off a friends myspace page after graduation was over. Such a great picture though!


This is my favorite picture of Jessica and I. We used to go on adventures to Olympia and eat at Red Robin or some other fun up beat place for dinner, then drive around downtown. This is a photo from one of those nights.


Last but certainly not least is a photo of Jessica and I. We took this outside of our sculpture classroom senior year. I love this picture because A) We are SOOO excited over the snow, probably because we have high hopes of school cancellation. B) Sculpture was my all time favorite class of high school. We took this class our whole senior year and loved every minute of it.

So there you have it. Some of my favorite “old”(er) photos.


3 thoughts on “Over the years…

  1. cindy says:

    yuck yick! 🙂 but i do LOVE that you love that photo, and it so is us in our crazy moments and you gotta love ‘hand and foot’ and how you loved collecting those 3’s. lol

    good times, makes me miss having you girls around all the time. 😦 sooonnn sooonnn!

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