Music Monday: pt. 1

So with my lack of inspiration on the blogging front lately, I decided to give you all a run down of my favorite songs at the moment, and therefore, ones you should check out! 🙂 Also, this is in no particular order!

1) “Cold Shoulder”- ADELE. Good lyrics, good voice, good beat… all of the important things you know. 🙂

2) “Goods”- Mates of State. I think you all know how madly in love with Mates of State I am… of course I had to include them on this fantastico list.

3) “Stay Away”- The Honorary Title.

“No I can’t dance, less it’s slow or sad,

to a song that’s far less obvious,

you using me, do it slowly make it last until I have to go”

4) “Heartbroke”- The Good Life.

5) “Melting”- Tristan Prettyman. When I first found this song, it’s all I listened to.

There you have it… five songs at the moment. I can’t do them all day one! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Music Monday: pt. 1

  1. Uli says:

    HAHAHA OMG I love the Good Life’s I was listening to that song today today on repeat.

    Listen to “Come home Julie baby please” by American Analog Set.

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