Letter one.

Dear S.D.F.C.’s of Pullman,

You may not know who you are, but I do. You are the girls who wear tiny shorts and hooker boots in weather cold enough for the North Pole. You strut your stuff walking around campus hoping to attract some positive male attention. I like to lovingly refer to you as SDFC’s or “Skanks Don’t Feel Cold”.

I see many of you each day, most of you reside in sororities and are “sorostitutes”. As much as I love to giggle at the sight of you attempting to balance in wobbly heels while walking around the snow in a sun dress, I feel it’s my duty to impart some knowledge: this lifestyle is not necessary. Nobody will think less of you if you do not wear a slutty snazzy outfit to class each day.

Please take this advice into consideration dear SDFC’s… I’m only looking out for your best interests.

Yours, Kimmi

Example photos of some SDFC’s around Pullman (cell phone photos=bad quality):

This SDFC was found walking across campus in this get up on a 49 degree day with some serious wind chill. Brave lady.

This SDFC tried to attempt to make me think she was warming herself with her Ugg boots and thick scarf… but she wasn’t fooling me.


2 thoughts on “Letter one.

  1. cmajor7 says:

    It’s a different time, isn’t it? I went to undergrad in the era of AIDS terror, baggy jeans, and sweaters tied around the waist. Maybe women walked around dressed like this in the fall/winter, but I don’t remember.

    Which is probably bad in and of itself.

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