I know what being held hostage feels like.

Last week at WSU was Homecoming week, which is basically a sad excuse for the sororities and fraternities to party all week and celebrate the fact our football team would probably (and did) end up losing. Living in the dorms rarely amuses me, in fact usually it just irritates me- what with all of the unnecessary hall meetings and notices about bathroom courtesies. But this past week my dorm went from being a little annoying, to being almost as annoying as what I would assume raising six three year olds would feel.

Because my dorm is so “spirited” they try to get everyone in the building to attend the various activities occurring each night of homecoming week. I don’t like to participate in things like this… and if I wanted to I would go on my own merits. But I knew they would be coming around the building, knocking on doors- recruiting girls to come to the events. So because I’m brilliant- I told my friend Hilary to knock on my door in a “funny” pattern or else I wouldn’t answer.

Sure enough, the first night after I informed her of our little plan I get a knock on my door around 7 p.m. Now I’m pretty sure she (the knocker) knows I’m in my room because if the light being on didn’t give it away the music being blasted did. Still, I held my ground and didn’t answer. She stood there for what seemed like forever (2 minutes at least) and just repeatedly knocked. Finally after she left I worked the courage up to lock the door and turn my music off. I then put my i-pod in and happily went back to reading my cosmopolitan.

Fast forward a day… I get a knock on my door around 9 p.m. This time my light was off but my TV was on and I’m sure loud enough for her to hear. I don’t answer of course, and just wait it out. This time she hung around for a little longer (like 4 minutes), and then left me a little note on my mini-whiteboard about retrieving my homecoming shirt or she would “give it away”. Obviously I ignored her threats. Then! The very next day Alyssa and I are hanging out in my room, I think we were watching TV, we weren’t talking and the light was off. She comes and knocks on my door, more forcefully than the two previous times. We look at each other and start to do the “silent giggle”. Alyssa gets up slowly to look through the peep hole and then imitates the stance the girl is standing in (hands on her hips looking around the hallway). This makes me laugh a little harder and I’m pretty sure the girl may have heard us giggling. Then she eventually leaves but this time it’s like after 6 minutes at least. Then we were deciding what we should do because my neighbors door was open and we didn’t want to leave and make it obvious that we were hiding from this silly girl. So basically… at this point we’re being held hostage in my very own room. Then Alyssa utters the words, “I have to pee!”. We look around trying to figure out how to make this work, and then it happened… Alyssa peed in the sink.

I honestly don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder.

And that is my story. J


4 thoughts on “I know what being held hostage feels like.

  1. Kimberly says:

    haha i’ve been meaning to catch up on reading off your page em, i’ll do it soon! 🙂

    cind: I haven’t seen it! But I saw the commericals and i know what you’re talking about. I was laughing so hard!

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