Exactly how much more can I possibly embarrass myself?

So I’ve barely had a week of school yet I’ve managed to completely embarrass myself multiple times.

But for the sake of time (and the possibility of boring you to tears) I’ll tell just of two accounts- one not technically my fault.

The first occured in my Statistics 212 course. I walked into the huge auditorium my stats class is located in (which contains about 500+ students when full) and chose a non-descript seat in the far back right hand side of the classroom. It’s not a seat that draws particular attention to me, and it’s not too far back to look like a slacker. Anyway- I’m sitting there and the room has about 100 students in it already and I look over to the left to see my friend Rose sitting there (looking dead tired) so I text her and tell her to look to her right rather than yelling to her across the room.  She eventually sees me and heads over to sit by me.

Soon after this man (who I would assume to be the age of 60-ish) comes over to Rose and I and introduces himself and asks for our names. We tell him and he shakes her hands and says it’s very nice to meet us. Immediately after he walks down the stairs to the front podium (yes he’s the professor) and Rose and I look at one another completely confused as to why he chose us out of the crowd of at least 300 students by that point. Then he begins speaking and through mid sentence stops looks up into the crowd and says, “Kimmi you’re not intimidated are you?” it takes me a second to realize he’s actually addressing me from the class of 500 students. I answer “no….” in a really unsure voice and he begins talking again about his syllabus. Then he does it again, stops randomly and asks me ANOTHER question. By the end of class EVERYONE knows my name. The girl sitting behind me even dropped her notebook and said, “Kimmi, can you hand me that?”— Yes folks, a stranger I never met, calling me by name. And I wonder…. why do things like this always happen to me.

The second embarrassing story is from today, and is all on me. So inbetween my Speech Language Pathology intro course and ASL I have an hour break so I always head back to my dorm and peruse myspace do really important things. So today I was running a little bit late- but not too bad considering my ASL class is literally a minute away from where I live. So I head over and usually there are a ton of kids sitting in the hall waiting for the class before us to get out. But today there was no one- so I automatically assume the previous class has already been dismissed and everyone is sitting in the classroom. So full of confidence- I fling open the door and walk in, right at that moment I realize it IS the class that has not been dismissed yet. Obviously all eyes are on me- as I walk casually to the back of the classroom and sit down. (I mean honestly, I was too far in to just turn around and exit). To make matters worse- the professor from that class is the same one that I had so she was able to witness my glorious moment of stupidity.

So that’s about it for now… we’ll see what else I can muster up tomorrow. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Exactly how much more can I possibly embarrass myself?

  1. emilie18 says:

    Your room looks so like you, I love it!
    I’ll post some pics of my palace later.

    Sorry about the embarrasing stuff…yikes, I could never stand being in a class with 500 people!

  2. teachercarrieaz says:

    I just came upon your blog today…so I am complete stranger (also on WordPress though). Anyway, thought I would try to make you feel a little bit better by telling you about the time I slipped down the stairs while leaving one of my lecture hall classes. The kind that look like those auditorium theaters. Class was dismissed and I head up the stairs to leave and when I turned the corner to go down a short set of stairs (probably 8 of them) the heel of my boot got caught on the edge of one stair and I did the half splits sliding down probably 4 of those stairs. It hurt so bad, but I wanted to try to play it off. I walked for quite a while before finally stopping at a bench to find that I had scraped up my shin pretty bad. Plus, I think I pulled a groin muscle. Anything like that happen to you yet?

  3. Ryan says:

    I find it hard to top the most embarrassing of embarrassing moments. And I was lucky enough to experience it.

    I was in a speech class, doing a speech on the history of the electric guitar. The first electric guitar looks somewhat like a banjo does, but picture the round part of the banjo a little smaller. I totally disregarded the fact that I CAN-NOT-DRAW, and tried to sketch it quickly on the board.

    Let’s just say it had a nice shaft and an oddly rounded end. And everyone knew but didn’t say anything until I realized what I had done, and stopped mid-speech to gawk at my masterpiece. It was met with laughter by all, and the teacher’s “JUST CONTINUE, IGNORE IT!”

  4. Kimberly says:

    Jess: you bum! making fun! not cool! Karma’s a b- word if ya know what i mean… 🙂

    Em: I actually like the class size of 500 people- I mean obviously it has it’s down side, but there’s always the upside…. like when I’m really lazy and don’t go… and no one notices.

    Teacher: WOW! now I don’t feel so bad for myself!

    Ryan: That’s a really funny story! I’m so naive I can completely picture myself doing that!

    Josh: I agree…. but this guy seems genuinely nice, and seems as though he really wants to learn everyones name. Good luck to him!

  5. markhalvorson says:

    Well, that is okay. Sometimes we are created for the entertainment of others!!! We have all done it. Don’t worry!! Just think, you are now important in a big class. I remember when I had surgery on my foot. I was in a cast and on a scooter the first term, and everybody knew who I was. So it isn’t all that bad. They would ask, “Hey, aren’t you the dude on the scooter?” So, let go and live large!!!

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