Taco of The Sea.

So this week… and actually the past few weeks have been absolutely crazy! Just getting ready to come back to school after house sitting for my sister while she was away on her honeymoon. It seemed like I had a really mellow summer and then all the sudden it sped up and got crazy! The majority of my summer I spent only hanging out with my sister or Jessica. Then- as the world would work- I started hanging out with all of my long lost friends the last week before I was leaving. Which was slightly depressing because I’ve missed them! It was nice on the other hand to remember that I do have some lovely brilliant friends who lead very busy important lives. 🙂

SO! I got back to Pullman on Saturday. Which was crazy…. I will never do that again. I thought being a sophomore I would be fine with merely one whole day to prepare for first day of classes– um NO! Don’t do it! Next year I’m going to come back at least THREE days early. For sure.

But I’ve been having a lot of fun in my limited time I’ve had here. Moved into my new room which is TINY but perfect in its own charming way. One thing that was kind of irritating was I unpacked my stuff- along with my parents and friend Alyssa… which was SO nice of them to be so helpful- except… I can’t find anything. So when I decide I need some finger nail polish remover it turns into a 30 minute ordeal that should really only be a couple seconds!

Yesterday was great… Alyssa and I just kind of hung out. And with the buses not running on Sundays we literally had to walk EVERYWHERE. We decided to go to Taco Del Mar for dinner which is in downtown Pullman off campus. So that was a fun little walk we did. All down hill on the way down… then up steep hills after the large bean burrito I consumed in what seemed like 5 minutes flat. Needless to say, it was difficult.

But we took some photos. Here are a few of my favorites!

She kept taking the above photos because she’s taller which = longer arms. But she kept on just getting me, which was pretty hilarious at the time. I have like 6 shots of this pose… all me. haha.

Then I finally decided to take matters into my own hands and get a good photo of her.

After all of that, we then decided to go the outdoor movie that was being played on a huge grassy hill near by. It was Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which was interesting… alright. Just not really what I expected. There were some funny parts though.

Then TODAY was first day of classes! I also had my first class of my major today! Intro to Speech Language Pathology. It looks like it’s going to be really great. Then after that I had my second class of my major which was American Sign Language. This was interesting because the professor is in Spokane (a neighboring city) so basically we have microphones set up on our desks and there are two huge screened tvs that we watch her from and she can see us as well. I knew they had classes like this but I would have never expected it would have been a sign language class!

Then I had Geology… which looks like it’s going to be a bore. But as long as I get all my basic requirements out of the way I’m happy!

So that’s about it with me! I will try to come up with more interesting content! But I just wanted to prove that I still loved blogging.

As for changing blogging homes… I’m thinking about creating an anonymous blog on blogspot just to test it out and tell my deepest darkest secrets. So if it goes well I’ll let you all know about if I’ve decided to change this one as well.

Hope you all are having great weeks!


One thought on “Taco of The Sea.

  1. juliasews says:

    So glad you’re settled in! I’m seriously jelous of your sign language class! If you are in town while I’m in school, I’d LOVE to have you sign us a story while I read! (the kids love it & it’s great for them to see)

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