THirteen THings on a THursday.

1) Tomorrow is finally August 1st! Some of you may be thinking, “hold on Kimmi… this summer has flew by- why are you so excited for August 1st?!” Well my friends I’m beyond thrilled because I will be spending the day with my lovely, Tristan. It will be a fantastic day. And I can say that without hesitation. πŸ™‚

2) Tomorrow being August 1st means the next day is August 2nd. And do you know what that translates to?! BACHELORETTE MADNESS!! If you’re in the Portland, OR vicinity— you might want to watch out. There will be 10 hot babes sporting some lovely tie-dye shirts walking all around downtown causing trouble and having fun! As I’ve stated many a time before… we’re staying at the Hilton in downtown which means….. HOTEL party. That’s right kiddies! πŸ™‚

3) I’ve always been a fan of a good face mask. And no… I’m not talking about scary costume faces… I’m speaking of mud masks– to “rejuvenate” the face. My personal favorite? Queen Helene’s mint mask. It’s fantastic.

4) As embarrassed as I am to admit this… I’m loving the song “Untouched” by The Veronicas. It’s so catchy- I just can’t resist teen pop these days.

5) I locked my keys in my car today. Yep that’s right… locked them in my car- on my 15 minute break from work, mind you. You see, I was heading over to Cindy’s to deliver a baby bib pattern my mother had crafted up for her. I originally stepped out of the car grabbing my purse and throwing my keys in the side pocket as I always do- then I had a moment of ingenious and thought, “hey- I’m going to be in there for a second… I’ll just leave my purse out here.” Then with a swift shut of the door I was stranded. Therefore, what started as a 15 minute break turned into a 45 minute fiasco!

6) I’m borderline addicted to Etsy. My favorite part of the site is the showcase that seems to change every time you open a new home page of Etsy. They always are themed out to some extent and feature some random cool junk. I suggest everyone check it out– if you haven’t already…. (I think I’m late to the Etsy boat).

7) I’m also borderline addicted to (or “Dooce” on my blogroll). Dooce is the pen name for Heather B. Armstrong- who is hilarious! She posts a new general post everyday with stories from her life… then has three sections of daily “photo”, daily “chuck” (her dog), and daily “style” (which she has fantabulous style). SO what are you waiting for? Show Mrs. Armstrong some lovin’!

8) My phone had some weird coating of plastic over the keys on the front, and when I text a lot off the front it, it begins to peel. (If you have an EnV2 with this same problem— please tell me what you did). Today I took the time to scrape off the excess plastic (I hope it wasn’t there serving a real purpose) but basically I feel pretty happy with my success. πŸ™‚

9) Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer comes out as well on August 2nd! Hurrrrray! Being as obsessed with the Twilight series as I am… I can hardly contain myself. (Yeah me and 2,190,283,120,983,120 other girls).

10) Am I the only person in the world that thinks the headphones that go in the ears fit better when in the wrong ear? You know what I mean, they’re labeled L and R for left and right ears… however I think they fit better when in the opposite ear. Hmm…

11) My mother spent all day today ironing napkins and tying ribbons around champagne glasses for the wedding. Poor woman… my future wedding will not be this demanding… I promise Mommy.

12) Today it was rainy. Once again. (Which I’m in love with). But today was different. It was one of those days where it started out dark and never really brightened. It’s the situation where if you didn’t have a watch you’d think it’d late afternoon all day long- which is really reminiscent of WeWA (western Washington) in the fall. It really made me have some flashbacks to the days of Halloween… and Thanksgiving. Ooooh I’m getting excited.

13)…. I’ve already started listening to Christmas music. But shhh… don’t tell anyone. πŸ™‚

(Here’s the “Untouched” video. Please don’t judge me…. πŸ™‚ )


3 thoughts on “THirteen THings on a THursday.

  1. emilie18 says:

    You love the Queen Helene Mint Julep mask too? It’s totally my fav!

    Hmm…perhaps your “untouched”ness will be resolved today byu a certain someone….

    Have fun at the par-tay (and consequently beerfest lol)

  2. joshlos says:

    Yeah, locking your keys in your car sucks. Whatever you do, don’t make a habit of it. Your story reminded me of a stretch back when I’d first started college where I kept locking my keys in my car over and over again. Talk about frustrating.

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