Tribute to my favorites.

Dear Sister and Future Brother:

It is hard to believe the big day is so near! It’s almost less than a week away that you two will figuratively “become one”. And I wanted to start this by saying I couldn’t have been blessed with a better sister. 

“Chance made us sisters- Hearts made us friends”

You are so beautiful and truly the best big sister in the world (I’m almost certain). I can remember endless days of playing house, school, restaurant, barbies and various other kiddy games with you. Which I’m sure you weren’t too into (being the 6.5 years older you are than me) yet you still endured the lame-ness just to please your baby sister.

I looked up to you for fashion advice, for decisions on which bow to put in my hair, and most importantly entertainment. You never once told me to go away to leave you and your older friends alone. You always made an attempt to include me no matter how annoying your friends thought I was. And to this day you are my best friend in the world. I tell you everything and ask your advice for almost everything.

I knew that God must have had a an amazing person somewhere in the world for you. And I had looked forward to the day you would meet him for years. I even prayed for you daily that he would be worthy of your presence.

And then you met him.

Trevor. 🙂

Now we all know I had my serious doubts about this one. First of all, he stole you from me many Friday nights and I was insanely jealous in the first stages of your relationship.

I distinctively remember your first date with Trevor. You two had planned to walk around downtown Oly and get coffee- then suddenly you were gone for 8 hours. I waited and waited for you to get home and hear the feedback. Was he cute? Did he have bad breath? And the mother of all questions- did he kiss you!?

Then finally came home and you and I went upstairs so you could dish on the night and the first words told me were: “I’m going to marry that man”. You knew then, and you were right- that he was the one for you. And now I can truly say he is the one for you.

However, Trevor had work to do to win my heart as well. But sure enough he did. I remember on New Years Eve being bummed out that my plans had been cancelled and knew I would be doomed to spending the night with our parents (who would most likely fall asleep at 9 p.m.).  That’s when Trevor called me and told me to get ready because you two were picking me up soon. You both arrived and he told me he had bought my favorite junk food and would let me choose which movies to rent and we’d have a mini-party- just the three of us. I still can’t believe how great of a guy I’m getting as a new brother.

You two are perfect for one another and make me laugh daily.


I can’t wait to see what adventures are ahead of you two. And I know you’ll always make each other incandescently happy.

So here’s to my favorite couple in the world. The people I love the most. My beautiful sister and new brother.

I love you both!

-Baby Sister (Kimmi)

(side note: we found this tree at the park pre-carved… and amazingly with the proper initials!)


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