Rain, rain- please don’t go away.

So I’ve officially finished my quilt! It feels so nice to know I actually accomplished something new that I never knew I would be so excited about! I really enjoyed sewing and even started another project of making my sister and Trevor apron’s for their wedding gift.

I actually finished my quilt on Sunday, but then hand-stitched some little birdies into the corner of it and on the back last night at book club. So I’ll be posting pics to show off- no worries.

Plus, it was really nice because I had Julia’s help (from the blog “Sometimes I Sew”- I would link you Julia, however, I’m not that technically advanced, haha). She showed me a really cool trick to this fancy hand-stitching and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. She’s so very creative! And knows how to fix virtually any problem I create for myself in the process.

It’s also kind of fun to know that my book club can actually finish something. We always have these grandiose ideas spouting up- but never really have finished anything unless we really set our minds to it. Like planning pranks- we’re good at that, making plans- not so much.  


On a different note- I had an odd experience at the gym yesterday. (Which has been really dead lately by the way… I’ve had no one to judge, which is a bummer—kidding… sort of). I think it’s probably been so unpopulated because it’s summer and the weather is nice- the last thing anyone wants to do is go work out at the gym. So often times I feel like I’m the only one in the whole place.

But back to the story! I get to the gym around 5:10 and head for the women’s locker room to change like any other day… only this day will prove to be different. I round the corner, and there standing stark naked (in front of a mirror) is a short Asian woman. Trying to hide my shocked face I start putting my stuff down on the nearest bench. Then, out of the corner of my eye I see her sit down on the bench and she begins to start brushing her hair… still naked.

At this point, it doesn’t even look like she’s thinking about getting dressed any time soon. She’s just taking her sweet time, getting every knot out of her short hair. The reason this is so surprising to me is mainly because of how secretive women at the gym are with their bodies- especially while changing. They do the whole I’m-in-6th-grade-gym-class change where they gently put one shirt over the other before taking off their original shirt. So needless to say, this was odd. Then later on I told my mother the story and she asked how old the woman was and I told her, “probably in her 50s and she was Asian”. Right when I said the word Asian my mother knew exactly who I was talking about! Apparently this woman has been seen nude by many gym-goers. But I digress…


On a different note I’ve been noticing lately how often people get stuck following routines (particularly my parents). And if one part of the routine suddenly is altered they begin to stress about the situation. This is especially true in older generations… they get stuck in these ruts and like to do things in a certain order- almost as though they begin having OCD at a certain age.

Well… my cat is the same way. She has these routines she goes through every day. She sleeps on a certain side of the bed, and expects me to be sleeping on the other side. So when the other night I randomly decided to sleep on the opposite side, she was very unhappy.

She jumped up on the bed and looked legitimately confused. I tried to get her to lie down but couldn’t convince her so she paced up and down the bed instead. Then she would frequently jump off and run around the house before coming back to do the very same thing- yet again. Eventually I realized she was stressing about the fact I was on the “wrong” side of the bed, so I moved over and she jumped up and almost automatically relaxed. It was crazy.

My parents are this way. They have their routines they accumulated while I was away at school. Such as, on Friday nights they head to El Sarape and share an enchilada.  So one lonesome Friday night I decided to go with them on their dinner outing. On the way I ask if we must go to El Sarape and they pretend they’re totally fine with going to a different restaurant that night for me. So I convince them of going to a local Chinese place. Then once the meal is finished they spend an hour complaining about how their enchilada would have been better and they like El Sarape better and blah blah blah. It drives me absolutely batty. But this just how they are- if something isn’t how they want it, you’ll hear about it… but not just once… over and over again until you want to rip your ears of the side of your head.


All this talk of enchiladas makes me hungry… hmm.


Anyhow- the wedding is coming up very very soon. This weekend is the Bachelorette party. (Which is really hard to believe, especially since I started planning this way back when I was at school and thought the day would never come). I’m really excited for it though, I think it will be really fun. As I’ve said before, we’re going down to Portland and have rented two connecting rooms in the Hilton (there are 10 ladies going- 9 staying over). I’ve also made reservations at Rock Bottom Brewery (or something to that effect). It’s a bummer I’m only 19 because this whole process has been really hard to plan. Almost every trendy place in Portland kicks kiddies like me out the door at 8 p.m. However, it’s supposedly Beer Fest that weekend- so it will probably still be fun and packed full of people all around downtown. I’m mainly excited to shop during the day! Hurray!


I’m also extremely excited for the night before because I’m going down a night early to hang out with Tristan! I’m not sure what exactly we’re doing yet, but anything will be a good time. Also, Stephanie Meyer’s fourth sequel, Breaking Dawn, will be released at midnight, so being the dorks we are- we may be attending a release at a book store.


So I suppose I’ve done enough rambling for now. I haven’t been very inspired lately with some good material to write about. But what’s new right? Actually I was thinking about writing about my idea to do PR for homeless people, i.e.: make their signs prettier- it’s all about presentation right? But then I thought that might offend someone and steered away.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what I come up with next!


Ps. it’s raining. And I love it. How Pacific Northwest can I get?


4 thoughts on “Rain, rain- please don’t go away.

  1. Kimberly says:

    I did! Yeah… I’m ridiculously good at bubble letters and different fonts. It’s a part of the whole being-a-high-school-cheerleader thing… I think I could rock the whole “I’m a cardboard sign with sharpie” yet add a little glam within the lettering- and maybe even add in a cartoon… hmm.

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