We belong to you and me.

I suppose this post doesn’t really have a purpose aside from updating you all of my life (which I know can be so thrilling!)

Sooo not much is new at all. Except the wedding is creeping closer and closer like the guy standing behind you in the checkout line at walmart, breathing heavily… but that’s another story for another time! 🙂

This weekend my aunt Barbara came up from Carlsbad, CA and stayed with us.  Her actual purpose for coming up was to attend a naval ceremony thingy in Bremerton (she is a retired nurse from the navy). Anyhow, we had some good times together. On Saturday the whole fam (mom, dad, myself, aunt, jenni + trev) headed to the movies to see The Dark Knight. Which was an amazing movie. I was on edge the whole time. Which I’m sure most of you who’ve seen the movie can relate to.

Anyways… then we all headed to Jenni and Trevor’s house to have a Wii marathon…. which eventually led to the game Apples to Apples. I love that game… however, playing with my parents sucks the fun out of it. For those of you who don’t know what Apples to Apples is… it’s a board game (card game) in which there are two sets of cards. A green set, and a red set. Everyone picks up 7 red cards with different nouns on them- from something like graham crackers to pearl harbor. Then… the green cards are adjectives. Then you go around the circle and one person picks a green (adjective) card and everyone chooses their noun that goes best with that description and the person chooses which one they like the best.

WELL, when you play with my parents they take everything super literally. Therefore, there is no wiggle room to goof around. Which gets lame— really fast. Then because they are die-hard far right it gets pretty nasty when a noun card with Bill Clinton comes up.

Anyways! Then today I went to my “adult” Sunday school class at my church. Today’s topic was creation. It was quite interesting. It’s funny because I wasn’t too excited for this class- but I’m almost enjoying it more than the actual sermon I go to after it. But I digress.

Then Jenni, Trevor and I went to his mother’s house (who has a in-ground pool in her backyard) and took a dip. Which was really relaxing and made for a good time.



On a different note, there is a certain someone who’s been making me smile like silly lately. He reads this blog on occasion so I’ll keep it vague 🙂 But I do believe I’m smitten. 

I also firmly believe everyone should check out the cover of “how deep is your love?” by the bird and the bee. It’s so dreamy!

Well hope all of your weekends proved to be interesting! 🙂 Here is a video of a song I’ve been enjoying lately.

(“Don’t panic” by Coldplay)


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