“Are you catching a cold?”


For years… my mother has refused to believe that I, her own flesh and blood- have allergies. It’s almost as though she thinks it could never be possible that her very own child could be so much of a “weakling” that mere sight of pollen makes me sneeze… uncontrollably.


Every spring it begins… it starts with a few sneezes here and there, and then disappears with the sun. Then once the sun makes its grand entrance once again it’s become full fledged- itchy throat, itchy eyes, snot, and all! And year after year, my mother utters the words that are all too familiar, “Are you catching a cold?” And I continually say, “I think it’s my allergies”, to this she makes a little snort- almost as though she’s offended I would think I might have allergies… I’m not kidding you- I could be a walking advertisement for Claritin.


One thing that drives me batty about allergy symptoms, is trying to sleep with them. I find it nearly impossible to sleep with my mouth open.  I don’t know whether it’s the fear of random bugs crawling in while I’m passed out… or the icky taste in the morning- I just do NOT like sleeping with my mouth open. And therefore, I don’t do it. So… once my “cold” starts acting up it’s nearly impossible to sleep with my mouth closed. I toss and turn- hoping sleeping on a different side of my body will somehow help the flowage (if you will) of snot from one side of my nose to the other, so for twenty seconds of heaven, I will be able to breathe properly through my nostrils.


This year my allergies seem to be on steroids. Being that my mother is the way she is… I’ve never actually bought allergy medication. I’ve always just stuck it out, doing the natural thing- drinking tea, and hoping for a miracle. However, with my allergies this year being far beyond the realms of ridiculousness- I did what any rebellious 19 year old would do… I bought some Claritin. That’s right people—behind my mother’s back.




I don’t regret it. I will never stop buying Claritin. It really has given me some “clarity” in the nose department- if you know what I mean.


In the end, I took one small step against my allergies, and one huge step against my mother. And I’ve never felt better.


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