Job I’d like to have: Part One.


So this is the first of a new installment I’ve been thinking about posting on here for a while now. I’m going to call it- just as the title states: “Job I’d like to have”.


You see, over the years I’ve always been very interested in how people make a living and whether they enjoy their careers or not. Then, I often compare how I would feel in their position. So here is part one! Enjoy!


Job I’d like to have: Cash Cab Game Show Host/Driver.


I’m sure most of you by now have had the opportunity to watch Cash Cab on the discovery channel, and if you haven’t… it’s a shame! I absolutely love this show- mainly because it’s the one game show I feel like I could actually have a shot at winning.  And the best part is the contestants don’t realize they are going to be on the show until they enter the cab in hopes of getting a ride to their destination.


Let me rewind and explain the game show rules… the show starts out where the host, Ben Bailey, is driving around New York City looking for innocent by passers who need a cab ride.  Eventually someone will hail him, and he’ll stop.  Then, once they get in the car, lights and bells go off- indicating to the passenger, this ain’t just any cab.  


Then Ben Bailey proceeds to inform them they have entered the cash cab, and they have so many miles to go- answering random fact questions to earn money all the while. To help them out through the game, they have three strikes, one mobile shout out (calling someone they know for help/answers), and one street shout (asking someone from the street for an answer). One thing that always irritates me while watching Cash Cab, is that often times, people forget to use their shout-outs.


So anyways… the reason I’d like this job is it combines two of my favorite things: driving and random fact knowledge! I don’t know how I’d do driving around a big city, such as New York… but I’m sure I’d get the hang of it. And what’s better than driving around giving people free money.  Think about all of those people who Ben Bailey has made their day by being cheery and throwing money at them. Plus, I have always been a fan of knowing completely useless knowledge.  Reading Snapple caps always excites me- because where else can you find out a apricot is a member of the almond family?  


Of course, I don’t think I’d be as entertaining as Mr. Bailey. He makes the best faces… and tries to make the contestants think their answer was wrong when it is actually right. I also have this thing where I always want people to succeed, so I’d probably end up hinting the contestants the answers- which making a winner out of everyone wouldn’t be good for the show.


I have to wonder how Ben Bailey fell into hosting Cash Cab. Did he know someone at the discovery channel who thought he would be perfect to host an instant game show? Or maybe he was an actual cab driver who asked people random fact questions while driving them to their destinations and someone from the discovery channel just happened to ride in his cab and decided to make him a game show star!


What ever the reason, I am jealous of Mr. Bailey and am proud to say, Cash Cab driver is one job I’d like to have!

3 thoughts on “Job I’d like to have: Part One.

  1. emilie18 says:

    Ah Cash Cab. I had never seen this show until one lucky day last year when I was bored out of my mind and decided to visit some friends–who were watching a marathon of this show. I was intrigued…I think that being a gameshow host would be a brilliant career…second only to a books on tape narrator.

  2. Alex says:

    I concur. That has to be easily one of my top 5 game shows. You’re right about the looks too. They really make the show. That dude rocks.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Emilie: Hahahahahaha! I had never even considered books on tape narrarator… You’d be PERFECT for that job. I’m really thinking you should consider it if the drama stuff doesn’t work out for you!

    Alex: Haha top 5? What are these other game shows you admire?

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