Fresh start.

So although I am so very happy to be home and relaxing– I’ve been thinking about the upcoming school year and how I’m going to make it totally awesome.  Not to mention- one of my really good friends who is a year younger than me will be attending WSU as well! Hurray! 🙂 This is a photo of us.

I just wanted to spread the good news and say happy day to everyone.

Plus… watch out- only 4 days until I’m 19.  Which really means nothing if you think about it. At 16 you get your license… at 17 you can get into R-rated movies with out a parent, at 18 you’re legal. At 19…. nothing.

It’s just one of those pesty years inbetween turning 21. 🙂 Oh well.. I’m happy with myself at the moment.

Have a nice day everyone!

(Photo is myself and my future cougar friend)


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