The gym: where testosterone meets estrogen.

What is it about the gym that makes people more act as they never do in their actual everyday lives?

Are our gym lives separate from our “real” lives?

Ever since I’ve been home I’ve been going to the athletic club in town with my mother and sister after work.  I’ve really been enjoying it, but not just for the fitness… I love people watching.

Before I begin, I must explain the layout of my gym.  When you first walk in you see the front desk, and two different areas to the right and to the left.  The main workout area is to the left.  To the right there are racquet ball rooms (if that’s what you’d call them), and a little area with bikes and rowing machines.  To the left there is a large area with elipticals/treadmills, along with attached weights.  Then further to the left (down some stairs) there is a free weight area in which my sister and I call the “man zone”.  Then if you walk past the man zone there is the women’s dressing room along with the pool. There is also an upstairs class area but that’s not too important to the story. 🙂

So in front of the elipticals/treadmills there is a water fountain.  As most gym frequenters know– the elipticals/treadmills are used by women for the majority of the time.  So as usual at my gym, it’s a chick fest in that area.  Therefore, the men in their man zone lift weights and then casually walk up to get some water (and check out the ladies) every five minutes or so.  Then if they see a lady they are particularly interested in they grab the nearest treadmill or eliptical and attempt to show off how fast they can go for about 10 minutes until they leave and lift some attached weights conveniently set up right in front of the prey.

What I find interesting is these boys/men who seem to act supremely cocky with their fitness levels never approach the girls they’ve been watching.  And it’s so obvious who they’ve chosen, yet they never talk to them, no they only watch them from afar in true stalker form.

My gym is no place for a moral compass. Just last year my sister and I watched an epic affair take place.  The male was dating a co-worker of ours (and had been dating her for about 10 years), the female was get this– my friend’s boyfriend’s sister.  We watched as their flirtations grew and they only worked out exclusively.  Apparently their “love” has been revealed and the two are now in a “serious” relationship.

Oh the gym. 🙂  


6 thoughts on “The gym: where testosterone meets estrogen.

  1. augustine05 says:

    typical that the girl complains about he how impassive a guy is towards a girl he likes. of course he’ll choke nine out of ten times. imagine if that guy got shut down if he approached the girl in the treadmill – he won’t be able to show his face in that gym for a long time, and we guys make going to the gym part of our habit.

    you girls should try the other side of courtship, being the one who initiates a conversation, buying us flowers or paying for dinner. that’s not to show you how hard we guys got it. just saying… we’d appreicate being noticed by girls as much as girl expect us to notice them.

    and that, miss, is why we go to the gym. =)

  2. Kimberly says:

    Haha, well we are not immune to the same fears. I never approach guys because I don’t want the rejection, and how cheesy would it be to pick somebody up at the gym? Then again, it did happen once. 🙂

    Thanks for the comment though!

  3. emilie18 says:

    I wouldn’t know, I’ve never been to the gym. I can picture it in my head though. Idk if our group ever finalized a bd party for you and Jess, but we totally should. Although we should do it when I am well enough to attend.

    Who knows, if you play your cards right, you might even receive some wookie cookies lol 🙂

  4. Kimberly says:

    OH my! We should definitely organize something! Are you still not feeling well? Poor Emilie! I’ll be praying for you deary! Get better! (And that’s a demand!) 🙂

  5. emilie18 says:

    I’m feeling pretty awful. I haven’t moved all day. My head hurt too much to read so I’ve been going back and forth between the one anime series I own, and Saved lol. Thanks for praying, I hope I feel better soon too!

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