The Big 1-9.

As my birthday is nearing, I keep thinking of how much has changed in one year. On my birthday- exactly one year ago I was at my senior grad night party, hanging out with people I thought would be my friends forever.

Then school happened, life happened. I don’t regret anything, and my horoscope on MSN today even reminded me that friends change- and losing a few only means spending more time with your true soulmates.

SO that’s just what I’ve been doing. I’m loving life at home right now. Everything is so simple, I go to work, come home, and hang out with good people on the weekends.  

Book club has been amazing, although we haven’t actually had a meeting where we focused on the book yet (which I expected of us, haha) I am having an amazing time reading all of these books.

I’ve exceeded my book expectations for the summer by a long shot. So far this summer I’ve read 6 books, and I’m not slowing down. 



It’s beautiful outside today. It’s one of those misty rainfalls, where the fog hangs low, and it seems like the sun will never come out. Only a true pacific northwesterner would find something like this so stunning. But I can’t stop looking outside. It’s my perfect weather.

I would love to be at home right now, sitting by a window, drinking tea, and just looking outside.


Anyways.. I recently got a new phone. Hurray. Going into the Verizon stores for me is almost worse than going into a doctors office. I get really nervous and start biting my li uncontrolably.  I hate the way the workers treat me- like I’m a teenager (although I am, I’m also a valued customer).  It’s almost like they feel superior and the fact I’m so non-tech savvy makes it worse, they look at me like I’m ignorant explaining how things work.

Now that my annual 2 year visit to Verizon is over, I’m going to treat my phone with so much respect- in the hopes I won’t have to return until my upgrade is due.


I can’t believe how close the wedding is! It seems like just yesterday that Trevor came into our lives, but then when I think about all we’ve been through together it seems like he’s been a part of the family all along and I can’t believe it’s only been a year that he’s been around.

It will be great to officially have him in the family. He and my sister are so happy and I could not wish for more for her.

I can’t think of any other updates in my life. I’m just trucking along. And soon I’ll be back at school- posting more than once a day like the old days. 🙂

Have a fabulous day!

One thought on “The Big 1-9.

  1. clevergrl says:

    I loved being 19. Absolutely loved it. Arguably one of the best years of my life…I highly recommend you go out and enjoy it! Enjoy your freedom, your youth, your choices and the possibilities of life! These days are like none you will ever have again.

    I hate going to Verizon too. My hubby’s new job offers great incentives though so we get new phones for *almost* free in August, plus a even bigger discount on our plan. So much for switching to another company!

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