Our Friends.

When you live in a small town you can’t help but know nearly everyone in your town personally, or at least know of them- and possibly their life story.

My town has exactly two questionable people that most would call “hobos”.  Everyone knows of these two people (one a man, the other a woman).  But no one really knows their true story.  How did they end up homeless in a town too shallow to drown? 

The first I will speak of is the man.  His name is Brad.  This is a known fact by nearly everyone because he actually did attend Shelton High School in his day.  He now walks around town with his head tilted to the side while trying with his hands to pull is head forward.  Most of his stories have something to do with him being an amazing athlete in high school then he was hurt and went crazy, or did drugs and went crazy.  Basically his story tangents off of him being athletic back in the day. 

What is funny about Brad is you can’t seem to get away from him.  Yes- it’s true he resides in my town, yet when I go to nearby towns or cities, I often see Brad walking around.  More power to him! I mean he has to have gotten there some way right?

Next we have “the prostitute” as most call her.  No one knows her name, although some people have attempted to tell me her name is Polly.  So that’s what we’ll call her for the sake of story telling.  Polly is my favorite out of our infamous homeless folks.  She is mellow, always sitting outside of my work place actually.  She doesn’t bother anyone, and no one bothers her.  She is probably a lot younger than she looks now with her scraggily hair.  She sometimes carries different bags and changes her clothes which makes me think she actually does care what others think of her.  She often leaves her things strung about outside of my work place.  Such as blankets and coats- yet she always comes back for them.  She knows no one would dare take her stuff.

I find Polly mesmerizing- maybe it’s because no one actually knows solid facts about her.  About two days ago we had a pie sale at work to raise money for our Relay for Life team, and someone at my work bought Polly a piece of pie and took it to her.  I watched her as she joyfully licked her plate clean.  Then as a good citizen threw her trash away. 

I can’t imagine how one gets to the state of homelessness.  How does it happen? Rough life? No support?

Whatever the reasonings it’s always fun to wonder.


6 thoughts on “Our Friends.

  1. Kimberly says:

    Emilie, Emilie, Emilie– you didn’t read the directions did you?

    You don’t embed videos on here. You go to the video button right next to the image button. And in there you copy the web address of the video page then push insert and it formats it for you! So simple. 🙂

  2. emilie18 says:

    …….where’s the image button? I’ll go try to find it *grumble* Well why can’t we embed? Every other self-respecting web site lets you embed. Silly wordpress.

  3. ulisesbrambila says:

    Oh man. I think that there was something between Sasquatch and this past weekend when I went to see Sex and the City that definitely made a change in my life when it comes to these type of things.
    There were a lot of, y’know, “hippie” kids out at Sasquatch doing their stuff, like dancing and smoking stuff that would enhance their experience there, and for some reason I always thought that their flaws somehow made me a better person. But I dunno, it always felt like instead of everyone being in a defensive state of mind, they were all really friendly and selfless, they would offer you their food, their water, their spots in the crowd, drugs, beer and all that. And that made me feel awful, and made me think of how wrong my perceptions of people have become. I decided to not judge those type of people anymore in that way, cause everyone has flaws, some might do this or that. One time I stood outside a concert at the Showbox, where there were a few ‘panhandlers’, and everyone seemed to just walk past them without realizing that they ARE HUMAN BEINGS, and not just another tree or street ornament, that made me really really upset about it.

    THEEEEN there was sex and the city. oh man there were so many ladies dressed up. I didn’t know what I was in for, cause I’ve never seen that show before in my life… from the little that I had seen before I thought it was just going to be about arrogant girls deciding which was the best outfit to wear or something… but No, I went in there with an open mind and decided that they also had their point of views in life, with their problems and struggles, and also how they have an amazing point of view down to Earth opposed to their fancy outfits.

    I’m never judging people by their appearances or what they have, or what they wear, what car they drive. I’m gonna judge people by the size of their smile, the sound of their laughter and their generosity.

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