Work: Just another lost and found?

It’s funny how useless things accumulate at work places.

Think of your own office, desk, or work environment.  There’s that calander from 2004 you’ve been meaning to take down.  There’s the plastic pumpkin from the fall sitting next to an old plate you used for lunch last week.  Are we really too busy to keep our work spaces clean?  Or are we just lazy?

But- it doesn’t stop at the work space, it spans out into the staff kitchen or supply closet.  In the staff kitchen none of the dishes, mugs, or silverware match.  This is because they are a compilement of houseware items around employees desks they are too lazy to take home, so they set them in the kitchen sink in the hopes of someone coming along to clean them.  Then a student worker- like me- comes to the rescue and swoops in with my handy dandy dish soap and elbow grease. 

Not too long ago I read a blog that a woman talked about how there had been a red M&M under her desk since she had moved into her office three years ago.  And she looks down at it every day, almost willing to eat it at times.

Why don’t we pick up the red M&M and throw it away? Instead, we keep things thinking it’s possible we’ll need them later… maybe one day she’ll forget her lunch and finally eat the old, red M&M.

Work is just another lost and found.


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