You know you’re stunning, you’re absolutely stunning.

So I’ve begun thinking of my summer reading list. I have four months (ish) at home.  Therefore, I’m going to attempt four books.  I think this is a good estimate because I’ll be so busy with the wedding planning as it nears the big day.  Normally I would probably read 6+ books over the summer, but four seems like the right number for this summer.

So here’s the list!

1) “Searching for God Knows What”- Donald Miller.   As a huge fan of Blue Like Jazz, I decided to check out some more of Miller’s work.  I’ve attempted to sit down and read this earlier in the semester, but was distracted… so we’ll see how it goes this time.

2) “Twilight”- Stephenie Meyer. Jess recommended me this book, and even is letting me borrow it.  She said it was really addicting and a quick read.  Plus… there are sequels. We’ll see where this book takes me.

3) “Persuasion”- Jane Austen. As a huge fan of Ms. Austen, I have four out of her six books, and recently purchased the last two.  I look forward to reading Persuasion because it seems to be everyones favorite. And it’s my mother’s personal favorite– she has great taste in books. 🙂

4) “Northanger Abbey”- Jane Austen. It’s the last of the six I haven’t read, must read right?!

Only 4 days until I’m home! Hurrah!


2 thoughts on “You know you’re stunning, you’re absolutely stunning.

  1. emilie18 says:

    Twilight is absolutely fantastically amazing. And the sequels are even better. The movie is coming out in winter time, starring Robert Pattinson, and it will be FANTASTIC.

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