Body Obsession.

Sooo today I was quite bored, and decided to look through one of my magazines I hadn’t read through completely yet.  I came to an article titled “You want a prettier what?”.  Basically the whole article was about various crazy things women have desired for under the knife.  Here’s a brief preview– Butt implants, Labiaplasty (reducing the vaginal lip size), Toe shortening and lengthening, Shoulder lipo, and lastly Belly button reshaping.

Let me start off by saying, what has this world come to?  What has made women feel as though any difference from the models and actresses they see is a flaw they need to get rid of?  I’ll admit, as a female it’s hard to look through magazines and see such beautiful women laying on beaches with perfect hair, skin, and bodies… but it’s always nice to remember all of the changes the editors make with photoshop.

Lets begin with Butt implants… I can not say I have ever wanted my butt to be any bigger, but if you were to compare me to Kim Kardashian- I would be lacking, majorly.  Apparently the cost for this completely unnecessary surgery ranges from $6,000-$15,000, and can result in ruptures and open sores when sitting down.  Can you imagine a day of avoiding sitting down, due to the butt implants you’ve received?  Now this is the clencher, the magazine offers alternatives, such as $36 butt pads from Fredericks of Hollywood.  Honestly girls, what are you thinking?

Next surgery is my favorite, Labiaplasty.  Apparently this surgery can be medically necessary… but in very RARE cases.  However, more than half of the women who get this surgery get it so their area is more attractive.  Okay guys, do you really care what the vagina looks like?  I mean genitals all together are funny looking, it’s never going to look pretty, so why get a $5,000 surgery to “improve” it’s appearance?

The idea of toe shortening or lengthening is ridiculous.  It doesn’t even make sense if you really think about what the consequence will be.  Obviously you need your toes to walk properly… if you shorten or lengthen one toe- you’re going to be off balance.  That’s just common sense.  Feet are another area of the body that in my opinion will never be gorgeous, there’s no need to change them, especially for $2,500 per toe. 

I think you guys get my drift from this whole blog.  I will understand getting surgery to change something you don’t need to for medical reasons.  I think our society has fixed their focus far too much on the aspect of aging perfectly.  We need to come to terms with the fact we’re going to die eventually, and hopefully if we’ve lived a long life- we won’t be so pretty when we go.  I look forward to that stage of my life, not too forward obviously- but it is a part of life I’m willing to embrace with open arms.  My face will eventually show every smile I’ve ever given, and I’m okay with that.

So ladies, the moral of the story is- embrace the beauty your momma gave you, being natural is being beautiful and wouldn’t you rather spend your money on new shoes anyhow? 🙂

Oh and boys, be sure to tell that special someone just how beautiful you think they are.

(The above picture is “canna” by Georgia O’Keefe— and my subtle hint at a vagina)


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