As finals near…

This picture of me represents completely how I feel. Minus the small smirk.

However, I am SOOOO excited for Mom’s Weekend- which is this coming weekend. Not only is my mother coming to visit, but my sister, and my best friend Jessica are coming! It’s going to be an amazing weekend, and will really get me ready to come home. (of course I’m already ready).

So lately we’ve been talking a lot about the bachelorette party I’m planning and last night my mom, my sister, and I “three-wayed” on the telephone. I haven’t done this since my middle school days. Haha, it was fun to have us all yelling at each other again though. 

We decided we’re going to stay overnight in a hotel in downtown Portland and just walk around in our bachelorette sashes, go out to dinner, and shop.  It should be great! It’s too bad we can’t go into a bar considering I’m only 18.  But… I think we’ll manage anyhow.

Well… I’m off to watch Chicago with my friend Hilary.  Exciting Sunday, huh? 🙂


2 thoughts on “As finals near…

  1. aniche says:

    hey, it’s Kirsten Dunst! ;D
    seems like you’re going to have a kickass weekend coming up!!! hopefully you’ll create some stories to adorn your blog with!
    any groundbreaking ideas for the party yet?

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