Better late than never?

I beg to differ. 

Sometimes I feel as though I am the only prompt/early person on this planet.  Maybe I had a bad day, I don’t really know… but “late-ness” has really bothered me today.  I’ll begin with classes….

In my Public Speaking class, almost every day there is this one kid who thinks he’s too cool for school (literally) and comes in about 20 minutes late… keep in mind it’s a 50 minute class– why even bother to show up?  Not only does he come in late, but he makes a little scene, because in his opinion, he is the shiz.

THEN, I make dinner plans with one of my friends, I tell her I’ll meet her in the lobby at 6:05 (random time, I know). I sit… wait…. think… and finally around 6:12 she comes walking leisurely down the hall.

THEN- same friend, we decide to meet up again at 7:35 to head over to Cougar Idol (WSU’s version of American Idol).  My friend Emily and I wait in the lobby for her and her roommate for about ten minutes… the show is supposed to begin soon and we still have to walk over to the colliseum. UGH, this is where I start getting annoyed by the late-ness that seems to surround me.

Then, the show- of course in a show-like manner, begins about 20 minutes late. 

When did being tardy become alright?  As children in school we were punished with detentions for being late, and now it seems no one bothers to put in the effort and show up on time, or even better— EARLY.

In my opinion, the early bird really does get the worm.

No here is the perfect opportunity to use my favorite quote from Laguna Beach. (Don’t judge). 🙂

“Are you fashionably late…. or just tardy.”

6 thoughts on “Better late than never?

  1. Ryan says:

    With some people, it is a subconscious power trip. They feel more “in power” if they can make you wait. For most it is probably they are just THAT lazy.

  2. aniche says:

    sorry i was a bit late to comment on this post 😀
    you know something, if your life were a movie you’d probably end up going out with the latecomer guy who annoys you with his smugness 😀
    i can’t tell you how many times i’ve thought of ending my friendship with certain people cuz of the fact that they make me wait somewhere for more than 10 mins. it pisses me off. but when i’m late, it’s actually a very satisfying feeling to see someone get really annoyed.

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha, i know what you mean. I always like to show the people that are late for me how it feels, but in the end I just feel guilty. it’s a lose/lose situation.

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