Speech and Hearing Sciences= Love.


Today I had my advising appointment with my advisor (figures 🙂 )… She is such an amazing lady!  Completely inspiring, everytime I meet with her I remember why I came to WSU in the first place. 

First of all, in the SHS Deparment there are about 50 students total…. and for those of us aspiring to be in the program- I’m going to guess there are 6 of us.  Therefore, she remembers me everytime I go in!  She asks me how life is, and just gives me a more personal experience than a person who has an advisor in the engineering department would.

Sadly, when I went in today I noticed everyone walking around seemed really sad, and my advisor informed me one of the students had died yesterday.

Although this is horrible, it makes me smile to think that it is such a small department, that everyone is friends.  I cannot wait to be in this program here, it’s like a little family.

 AND- at the end of this semester, I am certified into the program! Hallelujia! I am all smiles today. 🙂

Other than all of this… I have nothing interesting to report back- I hope you all have had a a good week, sorry I’ve been absent, I just haven’t been inspired. 😦


2 thoughts on “Speech and Hearing Sciences= Love.

  1. aniche says:

    you know something you’re lucky to actually have an inspiration whom u can see in person. All my inspirations are either on TV or fictional.
    btw, what in the world are those two “obviously straight” guys doing at the beach?

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