Dear, I thought I’d drop a line.


Well, I’ve had an eventful weekend.

Lets begin with the beginning, shall we?

Friday: Emily, Ashley, and myself met my friend Amy and her friend Anna in Moscow for dinner at La Casa Lopes… the BEST mexican restaurant around.  It was great fun, beforehand Emily, Ashley and I shopped around the mall, and then headed over to meet them.  After dinner we all went to the food co-op.  It was random, but fun none-the-less.  Then Emily and I went to see Kayla and ended up going over to the men’s dorm Waller.  However, we felt kind weird there and decided to go to Zoes Cafe instead to play cool board games like guess who? haha. Sadly, the cafe was closed, and we ended up coming back to our dorm and hanging out with Rose and Blaze. Good times…..

Saturday: Emily invited me to go with her and her friend Anneke and Anneke’s roommate to Moscow once again.  Everything was fun and dandy- then on the way home we were stranded in the Palouse because her friend’s car broke down…

Randomly, directly behind us was a cop- he wasn’t on duty or anything and wasn’t in a police car so when he pulled over we were scared.  But he knew a lot about cars and told was what the deal was.  THEN- we found out there were no tow trucks available for about 4 hours… Oh the joys of living in SMALL town.  So Emily’s sister came and picked us up and dropped us off at Zoes Cafe to study.  Then Anneke, Emily and I decided to go to the cheap movie theater and watch the second National Treasure, it was alright, but I was ready to be home.

Sunday: NOTHING. And I’m getting super home sick.  I really want to go home.  Luckily there is less than 30 days until I am HOME.  I can hardly contain myself, however, knowing all of the rest of the school work I need to do is coming up makes me ill.

Anyhow, hope you all had an amazing weekend!

(picture is myself, hugging a tree in marg’s yard- oh how I miss home)


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