Facebook readers…


I always like to look at my blog stats and see who’s reading my page, how they get there… usually it’s they found in on the tagged page.  However, lately I’ve had a swarm of people clicking from my facebook page.  This excites me! Although, it could really just be one person pressing the link from my facebook page, over and over.  I hope not though! I hope there are many of you checking out my blog.

 I know I’m boring, but it’s nice to know someone else likes to read about my days. 

So here’s the update for today:

I only had ONE class… it was lovely.  My public speaking class was cancelled for the day and of course- I dropped FSHN.  Therefore, I was done this morning at ten! It was glorious.

Later around 11:30, Hilary and I had lunch.  It was really fun, we sat there for over two hours, just talking about everything from politics to travel to tights. 

Now I should reallllllly focus on finishing those TWO Gened papers that are due tomorrow.  I just can’t focus.  I did write my speech yesterday though.  I’m getting nervous for this one- mainly because we aren’t allowed to use notecards to go off of.  It’s supposed to be “impromptu”… yeah right… at my sister’s wedding, I’ll have notecards.

I am getting really excited to get out of here… not just to get home, but basically just to have a some change.  I feel so monotonous lately.  I think it’ll be great to have a break and change things up, hang out with new people.  And I’m even more excited for a fresh start next year. 

Wellllllll… I’m not sure I have anything else interesting to say. OH besides- those of you who read and don’t go to WSU, remember how I told you about the “ask her” signs? Well the newspaper informed us all it was a part of a recruitment thing for a frat.  Apparently like 200 girls wore shirts that said “ask me” as well, and when you talked to them they told you to check out the frat… apparently.

That’s kind of a boring conclusion.  I wish it was something more exciting, like an elaborate way to pop the question.  But whatever.

Anyhow, I guess that’s it. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Facebook readers…

  1. aniche says:

    let me tell u something, most people go out of their way posting their blog links here and there and promoting their blogs like crazy. ur doing pretty good considering that.i hope ur speech went well.i’ve heard people say the more u do it the easier it becomes. i guess that’s why it’s one of the hardest things for me to do. god, how i hate speaking in front of people!
    too bad about that “Ask her” sign. ur interpretation was way better 🙄

    btw incase ur wondering where i learned to create these new smileys here u go. im sure u’ll find it useful considering ur a prolific user of it as well 👿

  2. aniche says:

    and for the last time, ur not boring. i mean i don’t know if u have someone make up the stuff u write here while u sit on ur school steps staring into nothingness.unless ur upto something like that i think ur daily adventures are quite cool 😀

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