Rock and roll, disco, heavy metal angel.


Wow… it feels like I haven’t written a blog in eons!  I don’t know why I have felt so busy lately.  But here I am to update you all on what’s been going on. 🙂

Lets start with classes,

1) Psychology– Romeo and Juliet have not sat by one another for over a week now.  Romeo seems to have found a new pal, but fear not- both Romeo and his new friend ask unnecessary annoying questions all class long! Yippee.  As for Juliet, she seems to be handling the detachment well- still wikipedia-ing things and of course playing World of Warcraft. I noticed today she was on a website called “”- oh wow, apparently she’s naughty now.

As for the other annoying girl in that course, she’s been surprisingly quiet lately.  But she still highlights her notes in 6 different colors.  Is that really necessary?  And yes Emilie, she still carries both a purse and a backpack… to which she fills neither. 

2) FSHN– This class is horrible. I have officially decided to drop it.  On my first exam I received a 75 after studying for a week… so for the second exam I studied over TWO weeks… not to mention spent the nights of my Spring Break studying for it!  And guess what I receive on this one? 72… yeah… that means this is OVER my head, and not what I should be taking.

3) Public Speaking– This week we are doing “special occasion” speeches.  It’s actually really nerve-racking.  Basically because we do not have an visual aids to distract, and no table/podium to stand behind.  We are out in the open.  Oh AND we can’t have note cards… this is all from memory- because “usually this would be impromptu”… UGH.  People today giving their speeches were REALLY nervous, which makes me nervous.  Because the people who usually were beams of light radiating confidence, were crumbling under the pressure.  Hopefully, mine will go okay, wish me luck!

As for my other courses…. not so interesting, so lets skip past that!

Lets see… Easter was great!  I went to church, as usual.  Then I went to Kayla’s dorm where we had Sunday Tea. 🙂 So much fun!  We also managed to build a replica of one of the buildings on campus with candy legos. It was for a Spring Hall Week competition.  But it turned out might fine! Then… we went to Fireside Grille (restaurant) for Easter dinner. It was so much fun, there were 12 of us… laughing really hard at a long table in a candle lit, empty restaurant.  I couldn’t have asked for more on my Easter. 

Hmmm what else?  Nothing really… I’m out of here in five weeks, it’s hard to believe that my first year of school is almost over!

OH and I found out I’m living in the dorm I really wanted next year, AND I have a single room!  I am so happy, because after this semester of living alone, I don’t think I could go back to living with a roommate, or a stranger for that matter. 

Anyways, I hope you all are doing wonderful, someday I’ll have something really inspiring to write about.. but for now, I’m sorry! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Rock and roll, disco, heavy metal angel.

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  2. emilie18 says:

    I still defend the necessity of a purse AND a bag. But of course, I fill mine.

    ….I also enjoy highlighting in many colors. Perhaps this girl and I are soulmates? lol Although hopefully I’m not annoying.

    I’m so happy for you dorm wise, and it is pretty crazy we’re already almost done with a first year of college! Yikes! Only three more years and then we have to be *gulp* grown ups.

    Can’t wait until we can get together though, we’ll have to have an entire Star Wars banquet!!!

  3. Kimberly says:

    hahaha actually you’re right there are many qualities of like-ness between you two. However, you are NOT annoying, and she is the very definition of annoyance.

    You have three years… i have five… yuck! but at least I can be a semi-kid a few years longer 🙂

    I can’t wait for you to bake me some stuff from wookie cookies! YUMM!

  4. aniche says:

    i loved how u said “we do not have an visual aids to distract, and no table/podium to stand behind”. that is all really they are there for if u think of it.
    it’s cool how u have strange human specimens to observe right there in ur psychology class. perhaps the spirit of freud sent them there so u cud go crazy 😀

  5. aniche says:

    school and college just go by like a flash. i don’t know if i miss it or not, but certainly things are less stressful when you’re in ur teens.unless of course u win the lottery as soon as u turn 20.

  6. Kimberly says:

    haha i would love to win the lottery, however i don’t even enter it… so i think my chances are pretty slim. 🙂

    Yeah… I do want to enjoy my time here, its crazy how fast it’s gone by… i hope this isn’t a hint of what my life with be like.. going by fast that is.

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