White trash tv… so addicting.


So lately I’ve been watching Cheaters…  I can’t help but stop when I’m flipping through the channels and see the show is on.

First of all, how embarrassing! If you think your significant other is cheating on you- why would you bring it up on national tv?? And then fight– in parking lots, while the host eggs it on!

 Speaking of the host, he’s ridiculous!  He’s a middle aged white guy that says things like, “check it…” or “random chick” .  This is not appropriate slang for a 45 year old man. 

I love how the host (in a monotone voice-mind you) always says, “facts are facts, i’m sorry” when showing one person the hidden footage of their “partner” cheating on them.  He has no sympathy, he just wants good ratings! 

This show reminds me of Jerry Springer, except it has more depth.  How can that possibly be, you must all be wondering. WELL, on Jerry Springer, the people just fight, get nakey, and never really accomplish anything. 

On Cheaters, one side of the relationship finds out the other is being unfaithful- and we get to see the hidden footage! Much better than overweight men and women sitting in chairs on a stage, battling it out. 

Anyways… this is just how boring my life is.  I have nothing else interesting to report. 


4 thoughts on “White trash tv… so addicting.

  1. aniche says:

    tv has become very very lame!!! only shows i still like are South Park and LOST.but of course, it’s fun to criticize the other lame shows 😀

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