“Ask Her”


So yesterday Rose and I traveled back to the Palouse.  Just as we were entering Colfax (15 miles-ish from Pullman) we noticed yellow signs every 100 ft or so that said “Ask Her” on them. 

It never failed, we would just be curious when the next yellow sign would pop up and sure enough a couple feet later- there was the sign. 

Of course I’m super curious as to what this all means.  There are many theories people have come up with- but so far, no one really knows. 

SO then, today on campus the signs were everywhere once again.  But today they were less noticeable- on white paper.  I was in the elevator- looked up and saw one on the ceiling! Then… I was in the CUE and noticed on taped onto a door. 

So random..

I just want to know what it means!


6 thoughts on ““Ask Her”

  1. Kimberly says:

    haha apparently it’s a sort of public service announcement. Like ask her before you have sex with her if she has stds. They’re trying to raise awareness… whatever.

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