Set in stone! Or not?


Today was super stressful!  We FINALIZED the whole bridesmaid/maid of honor dress situation. I was so thrilled, and I am actually happy with the choice.

My sister decided to split us up into groups to go shopping rather than bringing in a hectic party of nine or more ladies.  Therefore, today it was only supposed to be my aunt, my mother, trev’s mom, trev’s sis (a bridesmaid), jenni (obviously), and me.  Only trev’s sis and I were trying on dresses though— obvious statement, once again.

Before all of this though, my sister, my aunt and I went to get manicures. It was really relaxing and I always love getting my hands massaged… it’s lovely.

Anyways, fast forward again, Bri (trev’s brothers new fiance— annoying girl) decided to crash the party and come along.  She’s not even involved in the wedding! She’s one of those girls though, you know the kind– everything is about HER.  So as trev’s sis and I are trying on dresses Jenni wants us to, Bri decides to try on bridesmaid dresses for her own future wedding.  How rude? I think it is.

One thing that’s very disappointing, and bound to happen to me, because I have absolutely NO good luck, was that the top part didn’t come in my size. Like it does, but it ‘s such a popular size that it’s backed up until after the wedding, therefore, I had to go a size up and I’ll have to get it fitted, which is never the same.


it’s frustrates me because, I thought after today it would be finalized and things would be over with, we could focus on another aspect of the wedding. 

This whole process has really opened my eyes.  I used to LOVE weddings, but now I look through my sister’s bridal magazines and want to puke. Maybe I’ll elope, that is if I ever marry.  It might just be overrated.

And my mother has officially become “mom-zilla” rather than my sister becoming the “bride-zilla”.  It’s really hard to be around her when it comes to wedding plans. 

UGH. I think I am just too involved.  If I took a step back and realized it’s Jenni’s wedding, I’ll wear whatever, it’s one day– and it’s not MY day.  It’s hers.  That’s how I should be looking at this whole situation.

Hmm new topic?  This is probably boring you all.  Well after the wedding shopping, my mother, aunt, sister and I went to see Penelope.  It was super good.  Not to mention James McAvoy is a beautiful beautiful man.  I can’t get over how handsome he is.

Tomorrow Jess and I are going to church, it should be fun.  Definitely nice to see everyone again.  Then I start work on Monday.  Spring break, and I’m working.  But that’s alright.

I hope you all are having a better Saturday/Sunday situation than me.

Happy day-light savings time! 🙂

ps, I get to see this man perform in about a month.  BE jealous.


2 thoughts on “Set in stone! Or not?

  1. aniche says:

    looks like things are pickin up fast for ur sis’s wedding. im sure the dress size thing will dissolve itself into the background of the rest of the stuff u have to do.ur sis’s fiance’s bro’s fiancee tags along to shop for wedding dress for ur does sound complicated. i bet it must’ve doubly scary for ur sis’s fiance’s mom, being around two future daughters-in-law at the same time 😀
    mom-zilla and bride-zilla?! 😀 😀 perhaps u shd turn into a bridesmaidosaurus Rex and neutralize the effect 😀 sorry, it’s corny, i know.
    i know from my friend’s pre-wedding days that despite how things are going the bride will go berserk and even have a few breakdowns.
    since u like james mcavoy u might like this clip of his
    i’ve watched an oscar roundtable interview with him, clooney, ellen page and others.he’s a very funny Scot!

  2. Kimberly says:

    And VERY attractive too…

    you were right about the dress thing working out, it has! 🙂 I was just so stressed that night.

    Thanks for listening once again! and thanks for the clip!

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