Spoons and Forks!


I know most of my readers know of my Romeo and Juliet from my psych 105 course.

You all will be sad to hear the romance might just be over. Romeo has moved across the room randomly to sit with some kid, who seems to be very annoyed by him. The good news is- he isn’t sitting directly in front of me, the bad news- I can still be annoyed by him with the distance.

As for Juliet, she is now the only one in her row. If I were her I would wonder what happened, why my Romeo had strayed. Maybe it’s because she spends too much time on Wikipedia and didn’t pay enough attention to her man.

So, Monday was the most interesting wikipedia subjects she has ever searched. Two of them being, “sexual incompatibility in marriage” and “unnecessary hysterectomies”… yep. She has really gone overboard.

I’m not sure if I’ve told you of the other gem of a person that sits two rows ahead of me. This girl is seriously the most annoying girl I’ve ever come into contact with. She asks the most stupid questions, and tries her hardest to play “devils advocate”, but really it just comes out cocky and all wrong.

Not to mention, she tells the most POINTLESS stories. When we were learning about dreams, sleep talking, and the various stages of sleep- she felt it necessary to tell us all that one time she was at a sleepover when all the sudden she woke up because she was yelling “Spoons and forks!!” in her sleep. Okay… that was necessary because…? Also, her voice is like nails against a chalk board, it is not one of those lovely voices you could listen to all day, and possibly go to sleep to. NO- it’s deep, and almost manly.

Another thing that kind of irritates me about her, is she carries not only a backpack, but a purse as well. How much storage do you need?! What is filling her backpack so full that she can’t fit her cell phone or wallet, or whatever her necessities are in her purse? I’m sorry to offend any of you who are reading this that carry both, but take a step back and ponder- do you really need that much storage for class? It’s not like she’s going to the airport or something.

Anyways… today she was being especially irritating and annoying. Luckily- my friend Rose has this very course with me. Therefore, we spend most of our afternoons making fun of this girl. (This makes me sound horrible- but it’s so easy to laugh about her). Well today I was lucky enough to find out her name… Rose was very excited and searched for her on Facebook. (This is when I take a step back and think to myself of how we are once again wayyyy to interested, but then I remember we’re stuck in Pullman and we make our own fun). Anyways… according to her facebook page, she doesn’t have a life, plays video games, and listens to country music all while watching CSI: Las Vegas.


It gets better…

I had to do a research credit for Psych, which is basically where we participate in a study (fill out a questionnaire) and I finished pretty early, so I headed to sit outside of my next class. And low and behold, guess who I sit next to on the bench?

Spoons and forks girl! No lie! I was so excited… I even took a picture of her with my cell phone to send to Rose. Which was no easy task, I’m pretty sure it was obvious, but she was reading, so oh well. πŸ™‚

So I officially sound like a jerk today. But it’s alright.

I going home tomorrow for Spring Break!! Hallelujah. I thought this day would NEVER come. I am soooo excited. I am working all week, but I actually think it will be alright, and a good chance to earn some moolah. I am riding home with Rose as well, which will be a fun trip. I realized today that I will never ride home with Kayla again… SAD. She’s not coming back next year, and after Spring Break, I doubt we’ll go home for the weekend, and then we’ll be out of school 5 weeks after Spring Break. It’s crazy just how fast this year has gone by.

Anyways… I’ve felt as though I was neglecting this, so here is your long post you deserved, dear wordpress.

I hope everyone is having a good week!


4 thoughts on “Spoons and Forks!

  1. aniche says:

    i sure do remember those anecdotes u wrote about the weird romeo and the creepy juliet! hey, maybe they’re just going through a rough patch. im sure their romance will blossom further and cause u more annoyance πŸ˜€
    btw, ur totally turning into a mean girl, snapping photos of the spoon girl and stuff! πŸ˜€ don’t let the girl find ur blog address. who knows what she might do to u with those spoons and forks! πŸ˜€

  2. emilie18 says:

    I would just like to say that on certain days I do carry both my purse and my bag. My bag is reserved for school stuff (all of my music and all of my french books) whereas my purse is my survival pack. It was my wallet, phone, keys. But more than that it has my lip gloss, pencils and pens galore, sticky notes so that I can always make notes in my script, spray and cloth for my glasses, and mores… I always keep this in my purse because I use this stuff everywhere, and I want it easily accessible and not rolling around in my bad, getting crushed by my 501 French verbs and my 10 lbs of music. My bag is for extra stuff that I need for class but not for everyday life. So if I am going to a class that doesn’t require a lot of books and stuff I take simply my purse and a spiral notebook. But when I go to french or my flute lessons or something, I need the bag to carry all of my school stuff because there is too much to carry. Both bags are completely necessary for me, and perhaps for the girl in your class as well πŸ™‚

  3. Kimberly says:

    haha that is true, I’m glad to conder other arguements. however, she has no excuse… I’ve seen what she carries, in fact, if she wanted to keep them separated- she could put the purse IN her back pack, that’s how empty it is.

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