The planning begins…


So, as we all know- my sister is getting married this August and I am the maid of honor.  I just came to the realization that not only do I have to plan a rockin’ bachelorette party, but a bridal shower as well… Oh lord, so many traditions, so little time.

I really want to prove myself.  A lot of people expect me just to hand over these duties because I am merely 18 years old. Oh no my friends, I will prove them wrong and plan something super classy and fun at the same time.

So my thoughts on a bridal shower- Tea Time! Like old english style… wouldn’t that be cute?  All the ladies in their sun dresses and gloves.. haha Okay, so that is WAY more my style rather than my sisters… but I really like the idea.

Then I started thinking about my own wedding, once again. (the curse of being female) And I have decided that I will have a garden wedding (haha, we’ll see how long this lasts). And… all of my bridesmaids and flower girls and every female in the wedding will wear short gloves with tea length dresses.  I love this idea, I can picture it perfectly in my head.

 Anyways… back to the real wedding being planned. I’m trying to find a really cool place in Seattle that we could all hang out at for the bachelorette party. I know I want her to wear the cheesy tiara and sash, and I even found sashes for the rest of us that say “bridesmaid”, “maid of honor”, “mother of the bride”, and even “mother of the groom”.  I think it’d be really fun to ride the ferry to Seattle, all dressed up and completely obvious that we are attending a bachelorette party. 

I hate the fact I am only eighteen, and thus not allowed to enter a bar.  It would be a fun scene for one of these shin digs…

We will most likely end up settling for the Cheesecake Factory, or some place silly like that… but I’d really like to find a random small restaurant in Seattle that would be intimate and upbeat, and slightly girl, or just plain rad.

On a different note… Jessica introduced me to a new band, honeyhoney.  I’m really enjoying their music, I bought their EP album off itunes, it’s really catchy and the lead singer has a great voice.

Here is one of their songs… enjoy!


2 thoughts on “The planning begins…

  1. aniche says:

    i’m sure u can plan something cool and creative for the party. maybe a passage from the vagina monologues? (perhaps i shd rephrase it 🙂 )

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