What would your vagina wear?


SO last night I attended the Vagina Monologues.  It was amazing! I am SO glad I went, totally worth the 8 dollars to get in!  The set up was basically about 24 women sitting on black couches and each scene one women would get up and tell a story.  Some were hilarious! Others were devastating. 

To give you an idea of what was talked about here are some of the titles of the monologues: “Because he liked to look at it”, “The little coochi snorcher that could”, “The Vagina Workshop”.  The stories weren’t actual personal stories from the actresses- but stories from women of which the organization interviewed. 

 In each interview they would ask women what their vagina would wear and what it would say if it could speak.  Later my friend Rose and I were trying to decide what our’s would say and wear.  She said her vagina would wear a t-shirt and sneakers haha.  I then thought mine would be either two of the extremes- sweat pants, or extravagant heels.

In the little handout we got when we first arrived there was an invitation to the 10th anniversary of the Vagina Warriors! haha.  My favorite part of the description of this event was this, “I am inviting you to unite with Vagina Warriors from around the world at V to the 10th where we will plant marsh grass, dance in the streets, turn the superdome into super love, hear stories, honor the earth and women’s bodies, fight for racial justice, demand equitable housing and healthcare, (this is my favorite)–> support men in being vulnerable (haha), eat great food, and conjure revolution”.  WOW- that’s a lot to accomplish in one day. 

Pretty much I had a great time though. 

THEN at intermission, I laughed the hardest I had laughed in days… weeks… or even months!  This elderly couple behind us started saying the funniest things.  Maybe it was because we were at the vagina monologues and our heads were in the gutter, but everything they said sounded dirty!  It all began when she started rubbing her husbands back and he responded with, “Keep going- it’s good exercise”.  Then she started writing words on his back (you know this game) and they ended up having a huge debate on how she drew her A’s.  Then- this is where it gets good- she asked him what his favorite letter was.  I could not stop laughing at this point… I know we shouldn’t of been eaves dropping…but who can help themselves right?

Then Rose and I decided to watch Fight Club because I had never seen it.  I really liked it- it was so weird! Another good thing about yesterday was before the show- Rose and I went shopping around Pullman and I got the movie Big Fish for 7.99! I was so excited, I absolutely love that movie.

Anyways today I’ll be doing MUCH homework- writing out my speech and all that stuff.  Maybe get around to painting.  I think Kayla and I were going to cook dinner tonight as well….. hmmm we’ll see where the day takes me.

Have a good one!

4 thoughts on “What would your vagina wear?

  1. aniche says:

    maybe i shud dress up my genitals in an anorak. i dunno.
    i don’t know why but everytime a person gets blown away by Fight Club I feel ecstatic! It’s one of my favorite movies of all time which i can watch over and over again!

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