“The first and great commandment is;


Don’t let them scare you.”- Elmer Davis.

This is what my Good Earth tea informed me tonight.  I love tea, especially Good Earth tea- I believe it to be superior to Tazo tea, and of course Lipton.  There’s something different about it.  I “stole” (really my mother gave me it) the tea from my house when I left on Monday.  If I cannot be in Western Washington, I want to take a peice of it with me to the Palouse.

I haven’t found anything interesting to talk about tonight, therefore- this will be more of a ramble- which I guess is what I always do. 

Today I was reading The Daily Evergreen (our school paper) and I just have to interject here and mention- there are absolutely NO Evergreen trees on this side of the state, so you can see my confusion for the school paper’s title.  Anyways… because February seems to be a “month of romance”, there have been dating tips in the newspaper for the past few weeks.  Today it had a woman’s opinion on a first date vs a man’s.  It was almost comical to see how opposite- even polar their ideas were. 

The woman started out by saying, if you put effort into your first date it could be your last. (ha, yeah right).  Then she mentioned that girls put effort into dressing to impress for a first date, therefore- the male should too.  I agree with this, and it’s always cute when a boy shows up in a nice shirt, it’s almost a hint to let us know you’re really interested.  Then she said other “cutesy” things about being a gentlemen, and blah blah blah.  Next the male’s opinion- he generalized and stated that, “you most likely met her at a party- so why not hit up frat row?” Okay, this may be personal preference but if a boy asked me out on a date and took me to frat row- I’d be livid.  He even took it to the extreme of saying if you both got tipsy and had some fun you never know what the night could lead to, or if you could wake up next to her in the morning. (Yuck!)  I seriously hope this is not what all the boys at WSU are thinking a good first date would entail. 

My friend told me not too long ago that men and women are are different interest levels.  Basically- during the winter and summer months females are more likely to be actively looking for a partner, while during fall and spring males are more likely to be looking for a partner.  With all of these differences, it’s odd to think men and women even ever end up together.

I am such a complicated girl.  I try to pride myself on being simple- and straight forward, when this is definitely not the case.

I always wonder why I’m single, but really it’s because of me.  When I actually sit down and think about it, I am not capable of letting myself be with someone.  It is what has ruined all of my previous “relationships”.  It all starts out with fun, then once the walls come down and we get closer, I get scared and flake out.  It’s a routine I know well.

Basically, I’m glad I’m at school because I want a fresh start- new relationships with new boys I’ve never met who know nothing of me, and I of them. 

Lately, I can’t help but love Maroon 5.  They’re nothing spectacular but all of their new songs are catchy and I enjoy humming them on my way to class.

Anyways, in “Better that we break” it says, “A fool to let you slip away, I’d chase you just to hear you say- you’re scared and not you that think I’m insane”.  I can’t help but think this is somewhat along the lines of what the boys I flake off on think.  They probably assume I think their crazy and I’m off to better things, or maybe they think I’m insane.  Hmmm…

Anyways… I can only hope eventually I’ll get over my phobia of closeness- or whatever it may be.  


3 thoughts on ““The first and great commandment is;

  1. aniche says:

    i think ur simple and forthright, which comes across even when u talk about stuff on ur blog, but then again every human being is complicated, and that’s not a bad thing.ur paintings definitely suggest ur complicated girl 😀 it’s always good to be wary of things rather than jump into something and regretting it later.
    u wanna meet boys who know nothing about u? ur not on the run from the law, are u? 😀
    as a fan of ur blog and ur personality i’m sure u’ll find someone great to match u! 😀 or u cud always fall back on Ron Jeremy 😀 😀 …sorry!

  2. Kimberly says:

    hahaha GROSS! Never will I be interested in that…

    Yeah… I just think it would be fun to meet someone who will most likely pre-judge me and tell me what they thought when they first met me. 🙂

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