All you need is love… (or not?)


“The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, and if you find someone to love the you that you love, well then that’s just fabulous”- Carrie Bradshaw (Sex And The City).

I love this quote.  It reminds me life isn’t about finding Mr. Right… which I need to be reminded sometimes.  I get to focused on the idea of love… hopefully it’ll just come to me.  We’ll see.

Anyways… I’m beyond thrilled for the Sex and The City movie to come out in May.  I just love that show.  Especially the last episode ever. (An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux). 

Today I traveled back to Pullman with Kayla.  It was a sad day, although this weekend really showed me there’s nothing Shelton can really offer me. I mean it will always be home, but if I were there I’d be just as un-happy.  Therefore, I’m going to make the best out of Pullman and be thrilled to be here. Now we’ll just see if it works… 🙂

This weekend was really fun! I had a great time hanging out with Jenni and Trevor, and Jessica of course. 

On Friday I had to drop Trev and his friend off at a part of the bay so they could kayak back to his friends house… it was eventful. 

Jess and I saw Definitely, Maybe.  It was a really good movie.  I loved how different all of the girls were that he dated.  He showed range… haha which I think sometimes people get into ruts of dating the same people over and over again. Hmm…

Anyways, everyone have a good Tuesday! 🙂


2 thoughts on “All you need is love… (or not?)

  1. aniche says:

    You know why u’re too focused on love? Cuz ur too nice. what u need is like a week or two as a butcher’s intern, kill some goats, some chicken, and stuff. that should harden u up 🙂 maybe u’ll even use a swear word for the first time! 🙂
    i’ve never watched a lot of sex and the city. everytime i put it on i felt like switching channels and watching something mild, something gentle, like the Exorcist or something.

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