Valentines Day in Review…

As I have mentioned before I spent the night watching Trevy (Trevor=sisters fiance) play volleyball.  I know what you’re all thinking, a 27 year old guy playing volleyball?  Yes it was funny to watch…. but he’s pretty good.  Not to mention Jenni had promised him she would go watch- however, she knew it would be boring so she bribed me into going by saying there might be some cute guys there.  Unfortunately… this was very un-true.  But I was having one of those nights where every person there resembled someone else I knew.  It was CRAZY. haha.

Anyways… sister and I are sitting on the side lines and this guy comes over and sits by us. He introduces himself and asks us who we were there to watch.  We tell him Trevor, and he points out his girlfriend who he is there to watch.  Coincidently Trevor and his girlfriend were on the same team! It was really fun to cheer for the same team and he had some really funny stories about games he had been to before.  Because it’s an adult league in a small town- its the same teams all the time, so he actually pointed out people there and told stories. 

The whole game he was saying cute comments to his girlfriend and she would make funny faces back.  You could tell they were so happy together, and it looked like they just had fun.  No drama required for their relationship.  I was so happy to just observe this- it helps me remember love does exsist.  It’s just rare, like a 27 year old male who plays league volleyball. 🙂

Anyways… yesterday my friend Courtney and I spent the night at Jenni and Trev’s house.  It was pretty fun, we rented two movies (knocked up and fracture).  I think I’m going to go back over there tonight instead of hanging out here alone all night.  It’s been nice to have my parents out of town, relaxing- minus the fact my mother calls about every two minutes to ask me to do something else for her.  However, she told me she owes me something so I’ll be getting a present! 🙂

Tomorrow will be the first actual lengthy time I’ll be hanging out with Jess, and probably the last this weekend. Sad day! She’s had a really busy weekend though.  I think I’m going to make her watch Amelie with me, and who knows what else we’ll end up doing. 

OH I forgot to mention that my hair is practically brown now… like pretty dark.  I told her I wanted to add lowlights and she did most of my hair with the brown.  I like it though… it’s a fun change.  I’m still getting used to looking in the mirror and seeing darker hair!

I saw a really cute video the other day… here it is-

Anyways have a good rest of the weekend!


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