Future events.

I’m going home this Wednesday for a FIVE day weekend.  It’s going to be glorious! We’re going to leave around 2:15 on Wednesday, therefore- depending on weather we’ll hopefully home around 8 or 9.  I’m so excited, because I absolutely love getting my hair done, and I am wayyyyy overdue.  The last time I got my hair done was over Thanksgiving break.  Plus I love my hairstylist. She’s so nice and fun!  I’ve decided to stay blonde by popular demand.  haha everything thinks it suits me… so I’m fine with that. I was so unsure anyways.

THEN my parents are going out of town Friday! Yayyy, I think I’m going to be spending my Valentines night with my sister watching Trevor play volleyball. haha it’ll be fun.  She has a lot of new “reading material” (bridal magazines) because she just registered today at Macy’s and Target and apparently they give you bags of bridal magazines as a gift.  SO that should be fun.

This morning my friend Trina really wanted to go eat at Old European (amazing breakfast restaurant in p-town).  It was great, then after we went to Safeway and bought new shampoo. haha it’s amazing how long you can spend in that aisle.  While we were all standing there reading all of the different labels Trina said, “well… should we go?” and our other friend Kelsie said, “I really don’t want to” to which she responded “good because I don’t want to either!” and we all started laughing like crazy.

One thing that could go terribly wrong for Wednesday is if the passes don’t open.  Right now both ways of going home are closed.  However, the weather says they’re supposed to clear up.  So hopefully that DOES happen.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I’m sure I’ll have more to talk about later. 🙂


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