The Tunnel of Oppression


Woman With Dead Child- Kathe Kollwitz

Today my friend Emily and I decided to go to an event called “The Tunnel of Oppression” that has been going on for about a week now.  Basically the resident advisors put this on every year and you walk through the basement of a residence hall in which they’ve set up little scenes displaying opression. 

The first area of oppression was a home-less man, he was laying in a box and dressed in “home-less attire”.  We observed him attempting to get a job and register to vote.  I had never thought of the passive difficulties that come along with being home-less.  Such as when filling out an application, they do not have a phone number.  When attempting to register, they do not have an address.  I think often a lot of people go from day to day thinking people can get themselves into holes and it’s their job to get themselves out of the hole.  I have to admit I have felt that way before, but no longer.

The next scene was a bi-racial relationship and the racism people face everyday who are in these relationships. They said something like only 17% of people are in a bi-racial relationship.  That’s so low! I had never realized.

The next area was sexual stereotyping.  You know, the whole double standard of the husband’s job is to bring home the “bacon” while the wife cooks all day long.  Throughout each scene there were words on all of the walls… in this scene it had random names people call one another such as “pussy” or “whipped” and I had never realized how offensive these words can be.

The next scene was in a bathroom, the walls were covered with pictures of models and facts about eating disorders.  1 in 4 people have an eating disorder! I had no idea it was so high! There was also a place for people to write the most extreme thing they know someone has done to appear more perfect in their physique.  One person had wrote that their friend had an actual surgery on their shins to lengthen the bone to make them taller.  I couldn’t believe someone would go that far!

The next room was a sort of recap of everything with also the difficulties people with disabilities have. 

Overall, I thought it was a great event to go to.  Granted, I knew most of the issues, there were small facts that were heart  breaking that I had never realized or heard.  It really changed my out look on things. 

On a different note… I just turned 18 this past June so this will be my first time voting! I’m very excited, I actually got my preliminary voting ballot yesterday and decided to vote for Mitt Romney… and as it turns out- he dropped out of the race! Therefore, my vote goes to waste. bleh. 

On a very different note, I think I am going home this Wednesday for a 5 day weekend! It should be amazing, partly because my parents are going out of town for the weekend on Friday.  No- I’m not going to have a massive party, I am just excited that I’ll be able to fully relax.

Anyways, that was my day, I think I aced my fine arts 101 exam, three out of the four done.  Now I just really have to study for my food science health nutrition exam which is tomorrow.  I’m hoping I get an A on that one because if we get an A in the class we don’t have to take the final. (HUGE incentive). 

Hope you all had a great day!


4 thoughts on “The Tunnel of Oppression

  1. aniche says:

    sounds like u put urself through a “humanizing” experience.i can never understand people doing stuff to their faces and body unless they are like seriously disfigured or something.
    Wow, so u voted huh? that’s gotta feel weird. im 23 and i’ve never voted in my entire life and i dont think i will either. is ur bday by any chance on June 19th?
    kudos on the exam performances! my good luck wishes seem to have done the trick again 🙂
    enjoy ur 5 day weekend! one piece of advice, don’t see the movie Scream when ur home alone! 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    Haha yeah i was really excited to vote, and now it means nothing… it’s okay though.

    My birthday is june 15th… close… what’s up with the 19th?

    haha i will NEVER watch that movie, no worries.

  3. aniche says:

    nothing much it’s just that my friend who’s about to give birth was born on the 19th, i was just curious; she’s another member of ur naive girls gang.although because ur younger i thnk u might just be more naive 🙂
    i’m sure u can make ur votes count in the future. who knows, maybe it’s gonna be ur vote which will make the big difference in the big US election 🙂

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