Life as I know it on a Monday.


I don’t know why…. but trips off campus are the highlight of my week.  I am always dying to get away from this campus.  Honestly, I think they should bring some businesses onto the campus, like a post office, what would the harm in that be?

Unfortunately I do not have a car here, therefore I am confined to riding the bus, or walking.  Walking lately is a very difficult task- considering the snow/ice/and other weather extremes.

Anyways… today my friends Kayla and Amelia and I decided to go to Shopko.  Which is of course the best decision we could ever make.  Never take for granted going to grocery stores!  You don’t know how it feels to have to plan trips because you can’t drive there, and busing it would be death. 

I wrote out a list, and got really pumped for our excersion.  We also decided to eat off campus tonight, we had some chinese food at Golden Teriyaki.  YUM.

Now I’m back, and I have so many tests to study for I don’t even want to think about it.  It’s not going to be pretty.  Three more exams just THIS week. YUCK!

 Next week is Valentines! I think I’m going to Kayla’s, she is having a single awareness activity night.  We are going to eat mass amounts of chocolate/fudge and watch the notebook. 

I hope the weather cooperates because I was planning on going home the next day for the three day weekend.  What makes that weekend even better is my parents are going out of town to our house in Oregon.  Therefore, I would be king of the hill for a weekend. haha

It’s so weird going home after being at school and having your mother call at 10:30 to see where you are and if you’re coming home.  At school she would never know or care where I was at 10:30.

She has this perpetual fear of drunks coming out after ten.  I swear when I’m thirty she is going to call me and make sure I’m home at a proper hour. 

So today I started thinking about my sister’s bachelorette party.  As maid of honor it is my duty to plan the event.  Unfortunately I will only be 19 by August, therefore-going to a bar is out of the question.  We are too classy to go to a strip club.  I was thinking we could all go get massages, or something.  But I want to do something really fun too, so then I was thinking we should go out to eat somewhere and make a scene.  Make Jenni wear a sash that says “bride” and an embarrassing tiara or something.  It’d be great.

 OOOOH, we should rent a limo!! Hmmm it’s all stirring in my head right now.  I emailed all of the other bridesmaids today to ask their opinions.  We’ll see what they come up with! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Life as I know it on a Monday.

  1. aniche says:

    so i think it’s fair to say there’s a lot of interesting stuff ahead of you in the coming days. i bet you would have some exciting observations to make at the bachelorette party 🙂
    Hopefully u’ll reveal ur plans for the pary on your blog as well! Letting white mice loose has been known to add to the adrenaline level of parties. Just a suggestion.
    btw, to be fair to ur mother, there are lots more jerks nowadays than before. I’m not slagging my own country but in India if a girl chooses to walk through the streets alone or with someone sometime after 10 in the night, she better be well armed. Well, most of the times at least.but i guess drunks are drunks everywhere. so make sure u have some steroid guzzling freak friends around u if at all u are out on foot on the streets at night.
    once again good luck fr the remaining tests! 🙂

  2. Kimberly says:

    haha sounds scary, remind me never to visit… or go out at night if I do. As for the bachelorette party, its not until august, but I am already super excited!
    Yes I’ll definitely have some good stuff to talk about soon on here… tonight there is a porno debate with Ron Jeremy and some guy with the last name Gross, he’s a anti-porn pastor. I’ll definitely be attending. 🙂

  3. aniche says:

    ur kidding me!! a debate between Ron Jeremy and an anti-porn pastor?? You should really ask something funny or silly to either of them. I always did that whenever some writer or speaker came from somewhere to my college. But no one as high profile as Ron Jeremy though 🙂 You know what would really freak out your mom? a picture alongside Ron Jeremy 🙂 don’t do it though unless u have like a 20 people with you 😀 I’m definitely keen on knowing what happens at this interesting debate! Pastors go berserk when it comes to porn!

  4. Kimberly says:

    hahaha well I’m glad you think it’s a good characteristic. I just got back from it, I’ll write a blog about it later, i should get some sleep now, but it was really interesting.

  5. cindyparsons says:

    soooo, i found you on here!!! how fun to follow up on how things are going for you. 🙂 you’re such an avid poster…puts me to shame! lol

    well—are you coming home this weekend?? if so, lets get together!
    xoxo cindy

  6. clevergrl says:

    Your RAs sound cool – what a great event. I wonder if I could set something like that up in my school…probably not. The district is WAY too conservative for that stuff! Wouldn’t want to make anybody THINK or anything!

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